StaffEye 4.01

ZC Star
1.4 MB
Operating System
Windows All
System Tools

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StaffEye is a powerful monitor tool for
Windows. It’s simple and easy to use. It can use camera to
monitor everyone and hide/close your game windows timely if
someone is coming. Of course, it also allows you to press hot
key to hide/close your game windows. With StaffEye’s
protection, you can play game, watch video, listen to the
music, browse web pages at any time.


Intelligent control: StaffEye allows you to close all the game windows by pressing hot key no matter whether they are hided or not. Furthermore, it can turn off your computer’s volume when it hides game windows. Of course, these function is optional.

Easy to tell StaffEye your game windows: StaffEye allows you to tell your game windows to it by windows title or handle, you can enter window’s title by keyboard or choose windows title by mouse click, you can also choose windows handle by mouse click. StaffEye hides windows according to the title or handle you have choosed.

Support to adjust camera’s sensitive value: StaffEye supports you to adjust camera’s sensitive value. More large the sensitive value is, more sensitive the camera monitor is.


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