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Twin Files Finder 2.0

Twin Files Finder is the file management/search utility. Primary functionality of the program is to allow user to locate duplicate files located on the local or network drives. You can perform search using comprehensive set of search criteria, including file attributes, file name and file size. File name mask can be defined using Regular Expressions or standards wildcard character (*). Regular Expressions in the File Mask allow greater flexibility than simple functionality offered by the wildcard. For example when using Regular Expressions it is possible to search in one query for files with different extensions.

Twin Files Finder helps you to find duplicate files located in local or network directories. You can free disk space by deleting extra copies of files you did not even know they exist (or you forgot about long time ago). You will be surprised what can you find on your hard drives and how easily you can accumulate clutter without even knowing it.

Twin Files Finder can search for true duplicates (files that have identical contents, regardless their names or extensions) or search files with identical names. It can also search for any files matching search criteria (not necessary duplicates). When searching for true duplicates program takes into account file size and 64-bit checksum (CRC64) calculated for each scanned file. Then, fund duplicates are presented by the program GUI and you can produce reports, compare files byte-by-byte, use third party comparers to visually see file differences, preview files in variety of formats, delete unwanted copies or simply reorganize your data.

Twin Files Finder can help you to reclaim disk space wasted by all the extra copies of files. It will also help you to reduce number of files on your disks, streamline backups and virus scanning, resulting in less time and less media space needed for these activities

Key program features:

  • Allows searching for all true duplicate files (regardless of their names)
  • Allows searching for files matching provided search criteria (similar to Windows Explorer build in search functionality).
  • Uses regular expressions or wild cards to define search criteria.
  • Allows saving search results for future references.
  • Produces printable reports of search results.
  • Allows quick reviewing of found files in text, Web Browser, image or binary viewers.
  • Integrates with third party file comparers.
  • Provides functionality of byte-by-byte file comparison.
  • Allows easy filtering of search results.


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