UserSpace 1.0

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UserSpace 1.0

UserSpace quickly scans users home directories and/or profile directories reports on the amount of space used in each one. The administrator can select any domain, group or server. UserSpace will then find each user matching the criteria and calculate the size of their home/profile directories.

The results are presented in a flexible grid format and can be extracted for use in other programs or reports. UserSpace is designed to work with our Directory Sizer service and will automatically detect and use it if present.


  • Easy to use Windows interface
  • Displays a list of users, their current home directory usage and any errors or irregularities found.
  • Will process home directories, profile directories or both
  • Data can be sorted by any column.
  • Data can be copied to other applications
  • Users can be filtered by Domain, Server or Group.
  • Will detect and use our Directory Sizer to improve processing performance


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