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Vista USB Monitor

Vista USB Monitor is an easy to use program for detecting Foreign USB Drives inserted to your PC. When a Foreign USB Drive is inserted, it will generate a sound and text alert, it will log file contents up to 3 folder levels deep, You can also set it to delete files on a Foreign USB Drive Inserted to your PC.


  • Alert When a Foreign USB Drive is inserted using custom text and many sounds to choose from.
  • Attack Foreign USB: This will delete files on the inserted Foreign USB Mass Storage Device up to 3 folder levels deep.
  • Foreign USB Drive Logger : You can click on “hide” button to hide the program from users. A log of all Foreign USB Mass Storage Devices will be updated every 5 seconds to save the following information:
    • Logging Time
    • USB hardware Unique ID
    • USB Size
    • USB Name
    • USB Letter
    • Root directory and up to 3 folder levels file contents.


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