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VisualCron is an automation tool and task scheduler for Windows.

VisualCron provides advanced file/script execution, file transfer (FTP/FTPS/SFTP/SSH/HTTP), email, archiving (ZIP/TAR/GZIP), XML handling, Active directory tasks, encryption (PGP), desktop macro recording, send/receive emails, system control (Hibernate,Standby,Restart,Logoff), SQL execution and monitoring are standard functions of VisualCron. Above all, the interface of VisualCron is very easy to use. No programming skills are needed.


Client/Server architecture:

  •     consists of 3 applications, a Server, a Client and a Tray Client
  •     the server runs your tasks in the background as a service – no need to log in
  •     unlimited number of Clients can connect to one Server
  •     unlimited number of Clients can be installed for one server license
  •     control the VisualCron Server remotely and secure through Internet
  •     easy jump between different servers from one Client
  •     cut’n paste objects between Servers

Graphical interface:

  •     the Client has a user friendly graphical interface by which a complete customized task scheduler is defined
  •     realtime information server status and events
  •     view active jobs and tasks in a list with name, next run, description and current status
  •     realtime update of client and server log with filter functionality
  •     set column order, row filtering and visibility in job list
  •     the interface can be configured to many languages

Tasks – gets the work done:

  •     execute commands locally and remotely
  •     execute remote scripts through HTTP / download and save content
  •     run SQL text or stored procedures through ODBC, OLEDB and native MSSQL
  •     Execute DTS or SSIS packages
  •     Send email – text and/or HTML
  •     Record mousemoves and keystrokes and play back later
  •     kill/end processes
  •     Copy/backup files
  •     Zip, Tar or GZip your files and folders
  •     Perform FTP/FTPS/SFTP operations
  •     Execute remote commands remotely through SSH (for example on Linux/Unix servers)
  •     Encrypt/Decrypt files using Open PGP technology
  •     Encrypt/sign emails – use S/MIME or PGP encryption/signing
  •     Perform file operations; file read/delete/rename/touch/write, folder delete/create/rename
  •     Restart, shutdown a local or remote computer
  •     Logon, Lock and Logoff Users
  •     Save energy with Hibernate and Standby tasks
  •     Stop and Start Windows services
  •     Print documents (images, Office, pdf, text)
  •     Internal task to control Jobs/Tasks
  •     Perform registry operations
  •     Execute Office macros (Excel,Word,PowerPoint,Access)
  •     Perform Active Directory operations
  •     Send messages to a number of instant messaging clients (MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Google Talk)

What's New

  • [BUGFIX] Client: Fixed a bug in saving stored procedures for Direct MySQL and Direct Oracle
  • [BUGFIX] Client: Fixed a problem with re-ordering Tasks
  • [BUGFIX] Client: Fixed a problem with displaying the "destination filemask" on the PGP Task
  • [BUGFIX] Client: Fixed some connection issues in the FTP Explorer
  • [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a problem with return ExitStatus in SSH Task
  • [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a performance problem in SSH Task (during wait process could experience high load)
  • [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a timeout problem in SSH Task (timeout property was not set and it was using default 30 seconds)


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