WinAutomation 3.0

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WinAutomation 3.0

Powerful Windows Automation Software with Macro Recorder

WinAutomation is a powerful automation tool that helps you automate any repetitive task on your computer. Think of all the tasks you are repeating over and over: It can be a backup that you have to perfrom daily, a boring data entry task, or a complex process that consists of many steps. It can be the handling of an incoming order, monitoring a server uptime and more.

With WinAutomation you can automate all your tasks easily. You can record mouse clicks and keystrokes for replaying them later, or, through an easy to use graphical interface you can define each of your tasks by combining high-level "actions" or "steps". After that, WinAutomation will automate and execute your tasks whenever is needed. Save time, eliminate errors and, most important, enjoy watching WinAutomation doing the work you used to do manually!

The integrated macro recorder lets you record mouse and keyboard events as you perform them and converts them into actions that you can later replay at any speed. Being more than just a dumb recorder it takes into account the windows in which the events are targeted to generate reliable tasks that are not affected by the delays of a slower computer. Of course the recorded actions can be edited and modified through the Visual Job Designer 


  • Visual Job Designer
  • Plenty of Predefined Actions
  • Macro Recorder
  • Variables
  • Flow Control, Conditionals, Loops
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Exception Handling
  • Image Recognition
  • Scheduler
  • Triggers
  • Event Log
  • Compile to Exe


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