YPL File Manager 2.2

YPL File Manager is a revolutionary Windows file management and desktop file search utility. It helps you search millions of files in seconds and manage files with multi-tabbed file manager.

It will help users to index total disk files in seconds and and search them in a flash, and manage files the more easily than ever. Please visit YPL File Manager’s highlight features and other main features to know more…

Its creative Intelligent Index Algorithm (IIA) technology provides a world’s leading full-disk, full-text and real-time file index and search ability. IIA has the fastest index creation speed in the world. So after the installation and take several seconds to initialize the file index, you could search your total disk files immediately in super high speed!


  • Greater file search capabilities with amazing speed.

    • Search millions of files in seconds.
    • Full-text search of documents.
    • Full disk index and search.
    • Support for popular formats. e.g. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.
    • International language support.
  • YPLSoft’s Intelligent Index Algorithm (IIA).
    • Extreme high speed.-Extreme low disk space needed.
    • Real-time file index.
    • Low system resource requirements.
    • International language support.
  • Zero Configuration design.
    • More configurations, more confusion.-Auto optimizations.
  • High Performance & Usability.
    • Advanced file cache system.-File display accelerator.
    • Optimized layout.
    • Drag & Drop Support.



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