Rejbrand Text Editor

Andreas Rejbrand
1.31 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista
Text Editor

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Rejbrand Text Editor

Rejbrand Text Editor is a fast, simple and advanced free text editor for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Some of its features include:

  • Full Unicode support. Read and save to Windows ANSI or UTF-8 (with or without BOM) files, with LF or CRLF line break characters.
  • Very clean and simple user interface.
  • Very fast, even in large files. Rejbrand Text Editor appears to be much faster than Windows Notepad in very large files (> 1 MB).
  • Syntax highlighting for XML, Object Pascal/Delphi, AlgoSim, and INI files (more to come).
  • Option to export current text file to a XHTML document with complete syntax highlighting.
  • Option to transform text being pasted to the editor, e.g. making a XHTML list (ol or ul) using the lines as list items.
  • Line highlighting.
  • Bracket highlighting and optional bracket auto-close.
  • Fast search and replace.
  • Integrated Unicode character map with character descriptions and search function.
  • Keyboard command for inserting Unicode character by simply entering it’s codepoint.
  • Unlimited undo history.
  • Extended set of keyboard commands, including "move line up/down", "delete line" etc.
  • Automatic text replacement, e.g. "Sigma" to Σ.
  • Extended file system integration via "Open folder" and "Delete file".
  • "Revert to last saved version" feature.
  • Auto indent, add indent and remove indent.
  • Feature to word wrap an entire text file, using customizable options.
  • Integrated XML tag editor, with optional tag auto-close feature.
  • Display of hidden characters (e.g. whitespaces).
  • Unicode font fallback mechanism.
  • Unlike many free text editors, Rejbrand Text Editor is not based on a third-party editor component. Instead, the editor component is created specifically for this application.
  • Includes Rejbrand Colour Selector.
  • Specifically designed for Windows Vista’s and Windows 7’s GUI.
  • Completely double-buffered to eliminate screen flickering.
  • Options to transform text using ROT13, the Caesar cipher and the Vigenère encryption algorithm.
  • Functions to change case of text, and to sort lines.
  • Read-Only mode
  • Integrated FTP client.


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