Ashampoo DVD Theme Pack 1.2

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Ashampoo DVD Theme Pack

The new Ashampoo Burning Studio and Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 3
are the perfect programs for movie-lovers. These easy-to-use programs
burn movies in a variety of file formats onto a classical video DVD
which can then also be played in your own home theater. The software
already includes a great number of templates for editing a professional
DVD menu. If you want to have an even wider selection when editing your
own film DVDs, Ashampoo now also offers the Ashampoo DVD Theme Pack 1.
It contains ten additional menus which will bring even more variety to
the presentation of your films.

Fully animated menus: DVD Theme Pack 1 rocks!

The ten new DVD themes are not static 2D templates but complex, animated menus which will surely awe the spectators in your home theater even before the actual movie starts.

  1. The Ocean theme, for example, shows a red buoy floating in a stormy 3D ocean. The self-playing movie previews circle this buoy and can be selected and started every time when they become visible in the menu.
  2. The next theme is all about the 70s and will bring the feeling of the seventies back to your screen. Colored spirals are spinning in the background while the blue bubbles of a lava lamp fall on the screen. Cool.
  3. The Skyline theme shows a colorful, illuminated skyscraper skyline of a fictitious city, with beams of searchlights sweeping over its buildings while the pictures of the displayed preview scenes reflect in the virtual water.
  4. A real eye-catcher is also the elaborate Comic theme which at first only shows the blank squares of an empty comic page and then gradually fills them with the preview pictures of the videos that are recorded on the DVD.
  5. For romantic videos, in contrast, the Hearts theme is particularly suitable. It changes the TV screen’s color to pink and colored hearts rain down. Even the movie previews are fitted into neat little hearts.
  6. The Romance theme can also be used for romantic movies. In the background, it shows a handwritten letter with a burn hole in the middle through which the video preview is shown. A red rose and a burning candle further increase the romantic effect.
  7. The Tower template is very impressive. It shows a glass skyscraper from the perspective of a small human being standing directly in front of it and looking up the facade into the animated cloudy sky. The movie preview is projected directly onto the building facade.
  8. The Bamboo theme takes us into nature. It shows a green bamboo wall including symbols from the Far East, with flower petals slowly raining down in the foreground. The movie preview can be seen through a gap in the bamboo wall.
  9. The Colors theme provides psychedelic effects and transforms the background of the DVC menu into a multi-colored plasma sea whose colors are constantly changing. In the midst of the wavering color mist the preview for the movie can be seen.
  10. The ten themes are completed by the Happy Birthday theme. It is particularly suited for home-produced birthday party movies. The preview movies are integrated into a real birthday card which lies on top of an envelope. In the foreground, confetti is raining down on the card. 



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