AVS Antispam

17.6 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp

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AVS Antispam

Transfer video from DV and VHS cams to hard drive and create home video DVDs. Capture video from WEB cameras. Encode video directly to MPEG-2 instead of native hardware uncompressed video format and save free space on your computer.

  • Transfer Video From DV and miniDV Camcorders – Save video on hard drive in cameras’ native AVI DV format or directly in MPEG-2. Leave free space on your computer.
  • Transfer Video from HD-Cameras – Transfer your video files from HD-cameras and record them in camera native format or in MPEG-2 with AVS Video Recorder .
  • Digitize Your Old VHS Tapes – Transfer video from VHS camcorders and VCR to your computer. Give new life to your old VHS tapes. Save video on your hard drive in MPEG-2 or MJPEG formats.
  • Transfer Video From WEB Cameras – Record and save live video on hard drive and encode it in MPEG-2 or MJPEG formats.
  • Multilingual Support – AVS Video Recorder interface and tech-support are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.


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