GSA A/V Guard 3.1.3

5.3 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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GSA A/V Guard

The GSA A/V Guard is a program designed to monitor a place (CCTV) by
video camera (e.g. webcam) or audio. It can be used to monitor your
small child over audio to have a universal long distance baby phone.
Furthermore you can monitor your office room by video. The alert
messages will be transmitted over a mobile, handy or computer modem and
is therefor not limited to any distance. This is the ultimate low cost
and still high quality security system and theft safety device.

Video monitoring:

  • Comparison of video images with alert functions
  • Comparison level and sensitivity free selectable
  • Brightness normalization

Audio monitoring:

  • Acoustic monitoring with alert functions (e.g. microphone)
  • Noise level and sensitivity free selectable
  • Pre alert and immediat alert free selectable

Special functions:

  • Alert delay free selectable
  • Automatic program start
  • Timer and schedular
  • Alert transmission by modem (alerting by phone, modem or mobile)
  • Status query by phone
  • Logging of status changes and events


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