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Safe File Shredder

Safe File Shredder and Mover will help you delete or move your files safely and securely. Employing the newest data wiping algorithm, the program will not only delete your files; it will totally erase all traces of them, completely eliminating the possibility of the recovery, so that even the File names couldn’t be reconstructed. To be sure that nobody can restore your files and folders and get access to the private information which you wish to be destroyed for ever, the best way to achieve it is a use of the Safe File Shredder.

Safe File Shredder application was designed to help you delete your unwanted or uneraseble files and folders.

Features of Safe File Shredder

  • FAT and NTFS file systems support
  • Safe and quick data erasing (it works quickly, as far the file system allows)
  • The newest algorithm, which excludes possibility of data restoration by residual magnetization
  • Wipe list of files and folders to be wiped
  • Erase files placed on the network neighborhood
  • Up to 5 passes of data erasing (to make sure that no data can be restored)
  • Safe data moving (you can move files to another storage device and be sure that nobody can recover it)
  • File names, folder names protection (nobody can recover deleted file names)



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