Shared Monitor 1.1 Build 0035

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Shared Monitor

Shared Monitor is a tool that provides network administrators and users with a quick and convenient way to view and manage connections to the resources of your server or a local computer. With Shared Monitor you can control selected users’connections or access to certain files and folders on the computer.

The statistics includes active connections reports and connection log. If you wish, you can generate an HTML report with complete set of data. With Shared Monitor you can view the statistics of open files, user names, connected computers, folders, file types, etc.

You can also create, edit and delete shared resources. When you manage active connections, you can: close, send messages to remote users who opened a shared resource, close all files in a certain folder, close files of a specific user, etc. For example, you can send a message to all users who opened files in the SharedDocs folder and ask them to close the files they’re using. The program has a feature of defining responses to a new session or to opening a file. You can specify responses for all sessions/files or for selected files of selected users.



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