Ultimate Tool 2010 Professional Edition 1.6

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Ultimate Tool 2010 Professional Edition 1.6

Ultimate Tool 2010 Professional Edition is not like other cleaning programs that could harm your system by delete system files. Ultimate Tool 2010 Professional Edition cleaning engine was build to recognize the differences between a system file like an important Windows file and a plain waste file that is a felt over from your Web Brower like a cache file. This makes Ultimate Tool 2010 Professional one of the safeties cleaning programs.   

By removing these files not only increase your hard drive space, it also helps windows to run your application much faster. After the first use of Ultimate Tool 2010 Professional Edition the first application that you will see to speed up is your Web Brower you are also going to be amazed how Windows opens your applications much faster and runs them much faster. You are also going to see how fast your computer starts and shutdowns.

Ultimate Tool 2010 Professional Edition combines a system of tools like Advanced Folder Shredder that features Guttmann 35 passes technology which allows you to delete files from your system that are going to be impossible to recover. This feature also keeps your information safe from wondering eyes.  We have also added a feature that allows you to control what programs start when windows starts up by removing unwanted programs from the start menu windows is going to start up much faster and would allow you to perform your tasks much more faster.

They have also added a program uninstaller which will allow you to remove unwanted or unused programs from your system. We have also build a System Restore system in Ultimate Tool which is much more effective, faster and much more user friendly than the default one that Windows gives you.

Change Log:

  •  Added full support on the right-click menu option.
  •  Improved the speed of the program.
  •  Improved the graphical user interface or the look of Ultimate Tool 2010.
  •  Bug Fixes.
  •  Ultimate Tool 2010 Professional Edition version 1.6 is much more stable


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