CPUAlert 1.0.2

Omar AL Zabir
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CPUAlert 1.0.2

If your computer is running hot or battery running out quickly then it is most likely due to some application or process consuming high CPU or memory. If you keep running applications for a long time, for example, Outlook, then it continues to grow in memory consumption and does not free up memory efficiently. As a result, your computer runs out of physical memory and other applications run slower. Sometimes Outlook, browser, image editing applications or some other application start taking full CPU as they get into some infinite loop and make your CPU hot and you get sluggish performance from your application.

CPUAlert is an application that monitors CPU and memory consumption of applications and alerts you if some application is consistently taking high CPU or high memory. It will not only save your CPU and Battery’s lifetime but also make your computer run smooth and let your active applications run as fast as they can be.



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