EasyTweak Pocket PC Edition 2

1.2 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp
Tweaking Software

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EasyTweak Pocket PC Edition 2

EasyTweak is the powerful Pocket PC Tweaks program that can backup and undo applied tweaks! EasyTweak 2 introduces the powerful tweaks backup/restore feature, which you can undo your tweaks and re-apply group of tweaks when you want. In addition, nearly 30 new tweaks are included in EasyTweak 2.0.

EasyTweak is the easiest way to modify common useful Registry hacking in Pocket PC. More than hundred tweaks which you can apply to Pocket PC easily. It features:-

  • improve the pocket pc performance,
  • make better security,
  • enable known hidden features,
  • tune your pocket PC in what you want to be,
  • even change your operator logo of your window mobile phone. 

With EasyTweak, you can enable those pocket pc features in just a few clicks. No need to worry about what registry need to be modified, you can do it quickly with EasyTweak. You do not need to be a Pocket PC expert in order to unlock those undocumented Pocket PC features like Installing CAB files to storage/storage card, showing date and time on toolbar, change system fonts and colors, Storing internet temporary files in Storage card, etc.



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