Marxio Timer 1.12.2

Marek Mantaj
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Marxio Timer

Marxio Timer is a free, powerful, multi purpose timer, reminder and scheduler tool that can run over 16 predefined actions like:-

  • turn off, restart computer
  • logout user or lock workstation
  • hibernate or suspend computer
  • display text, play sound or display text while playing sound
  • run or close selected, running program or process
  • temporarily deactivate screensaver
  • send/press selected key combination to active window
  • click mouse at selected coordinates – left, right, middle button
  • make desktop screenshot and save to file
  • stopper to measure time (ascending)
  • Actions can be executed at almost ANY time you might want:
    • at selected hour (11:00:00 AM)
    • repeat every day at the same hour
    • after selected amount of time elapses (after 30 minutes)
    • after idle time elapses (idle = Windows user inactivity)
    • every selected idle time (repeat above)
    • cyclically – repeat action
    • cpu usage percent (%) – below/above selected value
    • when selected program ends – execute AFTER the other program ends
    • when network traffic (upload, download, total) is below or above selected value. (New in 1.11)

Marxio Timer can display countdown window or not. Can be minimized to
tray icon, on taskbar or hidden from user eyes completely. Started
actions can be secured with password – no terminate possible if user
doesn’t know the right password.

Created actions can be saved for
further use and shortcut can be put on Windows desktop or autostart
group to speed up access to created actions.


Marxo Timer has eye friendly user interface, a lot of keyboard
shortcuts (shown above in screenshots gallery), almost any visual
control has a hint describing its function, so even program manual is
not needed, even for kids 🙂 Just hover your mouse over a button or
checkbox and small hint will show up.

Program aims to be a must-have (portable) tool. Timer, reminder,
scheduler that is very easy to use, but which also offers everything
that application of this type should have and much more. It’s for
advanced users and beginners.


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