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PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer 2.0

PerfectSpeed’s Microsoft Certified defrag engine is the fastest and most efficient method to optimize your PC, resulting in performance gains of up to 300%. You determine exactly when you want the defrag process to start. Daily, weekly, screen saver mode, the process is completely customizable. Or let StealthPatrol™ take over by automatically running only when your PC is idle.

A clean registry is essential for a trouble free PC and ensures that your high performance standards are maintained. The registry holds key information about your PC and as you install and remove programs, it collects redundant and unwanted debris that degrades performance and leaves it vulnerable to malware designed to infiltrate a computer.

Unlike conventional registry cleaners, that can cause system instability by taking an overaggressive approach, PerfectSpeed’s SafeClean technology takes the safe and tactical approach. Finally, you can clean and repair your registry with confidence.

This powerful suite of tools makes your PC faster, cleaner, and better protected from the most trusted name in Microsoft Certified disk defragmentation technology, PerfectDisk. With PerfectSpeed, you get 99-100% of all your data files defragmented in one pass.  You also get total free space consolidation that slows refragmentation and speeds up disk writes. Our patented SMARTPlacement builds the best performing disk and keeps it that way as the disk fills up.

The PerfectSpeed registry cleaner takes a conservative approach in determining what should and should not be removed from the registry. It only removes registry entries that do not point to a valid file on the disk. Getting rid of invalid registry entries eliminates unnecessary system overhead.

When you delete a file in Windows, it is marked as deleted by the file system but it still resides on the disk. PerfectSpeed will get rid of that file for good by erasing it in accordance with the US Department of Defense specification for file deletion/erasure.



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