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RegTweaker 3.1.1

Regtweaker will make effective scanning and eliminate common computer faults, such as system slowdown, freeze and crash,blue screen, deadlock, dll errors etc. in addition to these, it is also can safely accelerate the processing speed in effect and help a computer to achieve its best performance with saving the high cost for hardware upgrade.

Registry is the database designed to store the user’s information and configuration information of hardware and software. The longer time a computer works, the more errors will be caused by installation of software. If faulty operations accumulate in the computer system, your PC will work very slowly, and when the situation goes worse, instability halt and even breakdown could occur to the system.

Many people hope to fix the Registry manually, but here I remind you that if you are not a specialist who posses a good knowledge on computer, you will have to take the risk caused by modification in person. As the reasons above, a good registry cleaner is really necessary to solve registry errors and optimize your PC. Here, RegTweaker, will be your best choice!

  • Regtweaker – System Optimizer
    Regtweaker is a system optimizer. It provides the most professional and effective ways to solve the problems and tries to make the performance of your computer perfect. The high performance of your computer can be kept in a long term without paying lots of money for hardware upgrade. So with Regtweaker in your PC, your windows system will be optimized and the performance can be Maximized, you will have a high processing speed system.

  • Regtweaker – Registry Errors Cleaner
    Regtweaker is the most powerful software for cleaning the registry errors, It is used to repair common errors in the computer and eliminate various errors caused by software installation and false operation, normally these errors include slow speed, crash or freezing, blue screen, error messages etc. With the most advanced technology, it also can locate the errors in registry and system by scanning every part of system and then diagnosing them comprehensively and scientifically in a short time. Now do not worry. With Regtweaker, no system errors and problems can crash into your PC. 



  • Registry Optimizer: Regtweaker can execute comprehensive scanning, make examination and repair in registry and eliminate some common computer problems(such as low speed, blue screen, system halt and breakdown caused by the errors in registry )effectively and rapidly, so that the computer can revert to the steady and efficient situation
  • Privacy protection: Regtweaker can completely delete the records of chatting, cookies of website and programs used in the computer to protect the security of personal information.
  • Junk File Cleaner: Many Junk Files are created after the system running for a long time. The regtweaker can effectively and rapidly scan and then delete the Junk files in the system, after this procedure, more space in system will be made for other application software, and the software will work faster and more effectively. In all, RegTweaker can help you to remove all unnecessary trash files in the system.
  • File Shredder: Files shredder will shred or destroy unuseful files after recovery. It completely removes a file folder or drive information from your computer and make it impossible to restore these file and information again.
  • Windows Optimizer: Windows Optimizer is an optimal tool which contains Startup Manager, System Optimizer, Application Optimizer and Netword Optimizer. it can optimize network speed, system(with the pre-settings of the optimization model)and RAM I/O and application settings
  • IE Tools: IE tools can customize your Internet properties, restore Internet files and manage browser help objects, which greatly streamlines your surfing enjoyment


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