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Thaiphoon Burner 6.7

Thaiphoon Burner is the number one solution on the software market to work with SPD firmware of PC memory modules. It has been designed to meet both the needs of end-users and companies to be specialized on memory modules production for personal computers. Thaiphoon Burner provides powerful capabilities to read, to modify, to update and to reprogram the SPD firmware of EEPROM chips.

It fully supports all popular JEDEC standards for Serial Presence Detects and third-party enhancements, such as NVIDIA EPP and Intel XMP. Comparing to other software Thaiphoon Burner creates the most completed reports for any from the following SDRAM types of DIMM modules: PC SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3 SDRAM and DDR2 FB-DIMM. This is achieved due to the universal built-in SPD decoding engine.

Thaiphoon Burner is the first Windows application in the world that discovered a new popular direction in overclocking by SPD programming on the personal computer! Hardware blasters are just the legacy tools. With the help of Thaiphoon Burner it is possible to program EEPROM chip of the memory module even on an ordinary home motherboard. No any special skills or devices required!


  • SPD Read Operation
  • SPD Write Operation
  • Write Protection Mode
  • SPD File Image Editing
  • Export to Binary File
  • EPP/XMP Profile Integration    
  • Report Creation

Thaiphoon Burner is a standalone executable Win32 application which does not require any additional components to be installed befure run, e.g. Windows updates, NET.Framework, Windows Installer, etc.



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