ZeoOptimizer 1.0

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ZeoOptimizer 1.0

In many cases the speed and stability of your system are far from optimal. Try ZeoOptimizer for free now to get professional diagnostics of your PC’s performance as well as a way to fix many problems and improve your system’s speed!

ZeoOptimizer – the perfect solution for optimizing your PC’s performance! Our software can perform a deep scan of all major Windows settings; optimize your internet-browser and many other programs. ZeoOptimizer will fix registry errors; remove temporary and leftover-trash files that can be slowing your computer down. With the help of ZeoOptimizer your system will become stable, fast and error-free!

PC performance optimization
Custom tuning of Windows settings for system improvement. Increase your system potential by getting rid of system errors, decrease loading speeds for Windows and programs.

Security and privacy settings optimization
Your privacy and security level is increased by deleting compromising history on web browsers, website cookies, and by removing saved information that can be accessed and used against you.

Memory optimizing
The program can clean your hard drive from trash and leftover files, remove temporary files that are no longer being used, and removing files and applications that are out of date and have not been used for a long time.

Internet and network optimization
Increase the speed of your internet and network connections by optimizing different popular web browser settings(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). This will allow higher download speeds and lower traffic usage while browsing.

Optimal smart interface
Our software’s design has been developed and perfected for user’s convenience, which allows you to benefit the most from all the features while tuning your PC performance.


  • User-friendly interface: Thanks to the friendly interface you will be able to optimize your PC as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Nice and simple design: The nice and simple design of ZeoOptimizer will make the time you spend optimizing your system comfortable and lightning-fast.
  • PC performance optimization: After using ZeoOptimizer your PC will be able to perform much better then it did before.
  • Windows load time improvement: By optimizing start-up processes, ZeoOptimizer can substantially reduce Windows loading time.
  • System registry cleanup: Regular Windows system registry cleanup will improve your PC’s speed as well as prevent a lot of system errors.
  • Trash and temporary files cleanup: Over the course of time a lot of files are left in the system, which are leftover files from former installations and programs and are just taking up space. ZeoOptimizer finds these trash and temporary files and offers you to free up some space by removing them.
  • Increase in security and privacy level: Thanks to ZeoOptimizer you can increase your security level by protecting private information on your computer from possible theft or attack.
  • Internet connections optimization: By using ZeoOptimizer you can increase your internet connection speed, which will make your downloads faster and optimize your internet traffic usage.
  • InternetExplorer optimization: ZeoOptimizer can tune your InternetExplorer settings which will make it faster, safer and easier to use.
  • Firefox optimization: ZeoOptimizer can tune your Mozilla Firefox settings which will make it faster, safer and easier to use.
  • Safari optimization: ZeoOptimizer can tune your Safari settings which will make it faster, safer and easier to use.
  • Tracing of unused files and applications: ZeoOptimizer can help locate files and programs on your PC, that have not been used for long periods of time. It will then offer you to remove them.
  • System errors prevention: With the help of ZeoOptimizer you will get rid of many errors on your PC and reduce the chances of them appearing in future.


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