Backline 1.0

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Backline 1.0

Backline Basic is our new utility for Mac OS X. It’s an indispensable set of tools to manage all things audio related on your computer. Whether you need to repair damaged audio files, update your audio effects or reset CoreAudio, Backline is here to simplify your life!

Have you ever discovered an audio file that doesn’t load in your favorite DAW, or sampler? Or, perhaps after digging out your favorite recording from the archives you discover that something has gone wrong with the audio files themselves? An industry first, Audio File First Aid will give you new insight into the structure of your files, giving you the power to diagnose and repair the most common causes of corrupt audio files. Originally packaged with Wave Editor and Sample Manager and now available in Backline Basic.

Manage, update, and audition your Audio Unit and VST effects all within Backline! The days of launching a full-featured DAW to demo an effect are over, as are the days of scrounging around the internet to find an update. Effect updating uses our Audio Effect Database. Read more about the database, especially how developers can get involved.

Backline features our FiRe Browser utility. Simply enable Browser Access in FiRe and the FiRe Browser will display your iPhone/iPod touch. Sort by numerous parameters, rename, and download the audio file and metadata!

Backline Basic will run, without limitation, for 15 days. After that, you’ll need to purchase Backline Basic for $29 to utilize the application’s functionality. Backline Basic includes all the tools except the DDP Player (this requires a Backline DDP license key). A Backline Basic license key can be purchased directly from our online store.



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