DVDxDV Pro 2.0.1

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DVDxDV Pro 2.0.1

After a DVD is created, the original source material can get lost or damaged  When this happens, there is no easy way to recover the video from the DVD and back into the computer where it can be re-edited.  DVDxDV makes it easy to get at your video when it’s on DVD.  With DVDxDV you can quickly convert the DVD video back into any Quicktime video format.  From there, it can be re-edited and burned onto a new DVD.

DVDxDV is designed to allow anyone to get video off of a DVD.  While other programs can take a great deal of time to learn, DVDxDV is designed for people who expect things to be intuitive. DVDxDV will automatically load the video clips from a DVD for you.  Once loaded, you simply select the video you want and click to extract.

Many DVD conversion programs destroy the video by converting it from interlaced to progressive scan.  This conversion causes the video to look terrible when viewed on a television screen.  DVDxDV can preserve the native interlaced format of the DVD when you want to export the video back to a DVD or minDV tape.  Therefore, you can be assured the image quality is well maintained throughout the production process.


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