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iFlicks 1.0.8

iFlicks 1.0.8 details

You can easily import your Video Collection into iTunes. This gives you
the ability to watch your Videos directly in iTunes or transfer them to
your iPod or iPhone. On top of that iFlicks downloads Metadata for your
Videos and lets you tweak the Metadata manually. Managing your Video
Collection in iTunes has never been this easy.

Here are some key features of "iFlicks":

Tight iTunes Integration:
· PreviewiFlicks offers a tight integration into iTunes. Most features
are directly accessible using the integrated iTunes Script menu. This
way it is possible to update the metadata of the video in your iTunes
Library easily.

themoviedb.org integration:
· PreviewUsing the API of themoviedb.org imported Videos can be
enriched by the extensive amount of metadata and artwork available via
· If you have additional information or artwork for a movie you can be
directed to themoviedb.org and improve the existing information.

TheTVDB.com integration:
· PreviewTheTVDB.com offers a vast repository of TV Show related data.
This data is used to recognize your TV Shows and to add the
corresponding metadata.
· This way Episodes can be listed by their correct title and release
date. For many Episodes TVDB even provides a short overview, which is
displayed in Front Row.

Manage your Video Collection with iTunes:
· PreviewiFlicks offers a range of simple to use functions to easily manage metadata of your Movie and TV Show Library.

Some of the most prominent features are:
· Convert Videos to be compatible with iTunes and Apple Devices.
· Automatically or manually add metadata and artwork.
· Easy to use Interface.

Complete Metadata Support:
· Are you fed up with the limited support for Video Tagging via iTunes?

Using iFlicks you can edit all the metadata of compatible videos, which iTunes uses. This lets you:
· set release dates, not just years
· add actors, directors, producers and writers
· specify the content rating
· mark videos as tv show
· add a complete plot, not just a few letters

· This way you have complete freedom in organizing you video library while using the programs you have always used.

Comfortable Scriptable:
· The application is easily scriptable using AppleScript. A collection
of sample scripts is automatically installed with the application.
· Using AppleScript almost all operations of the program can be
controlled. Using this extensive scriptability an easy iTunes
integration is achieved. In addition to that some Folder Action Scripts
allow it to trigger actions by dropping files into specific folders.

Video Conversion – Using the QuickTime Framework iFlicks can convert
videos optimized for the following devices and applications:

· iTunes and Front Row – References to the original Video or embedding the video in a QuickTime movie.
· Apple TV – Apple TV.
· iPod – iPod Nano 3G and 4G, iPod Classic 5G and 6G.
· iPhone – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone 3G.

What’s New in this Version

– Added support for Apple TV 2.4.

– Fixed problem on Power PC causing TV Shows to end up as Movies.

– Fixed misplaced progress spinner.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5.5 or later
  • Perian



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