iVideo 4.2.3

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iVideo 4.2.3

Your movies are all over the place. But they don’t have to be. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one place for all your movies?

Introducing iVideo. iVideo makes it easy to find and organize your movies, even when they are in different folders, across multiple hard drives, on endless stacks of CDs, or on the Internet! No longer will it be hard to find the exact movie you want to see. Make watching movies fun again with iVideo!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to share those recent vacation videos with family and friends? With iVideo, you can! Create beautiful web pages for the world to see. Carry your favorite movies with you on your iPhone. Stream your latest work project to your coworkers. iVideo lets you do all this and more.

Give iVideo a try for free today and turn your movies into the social experience they were always meant to be.


  • Custom movie thumbnails: Browse your movies by thumbnail and set new custom thumbnails for them.
  • Movie information: View and edit info like notes, keywords, ratings, and the extended information.
  • Live search: Quickly find the right movies in your iVideo library with live search results.
  • Automatically find movies: iVideo can find all your movies on the selected drives or removable discs.
  • Keep your files anywhere: Have movies scattered across folders, hard drives, or discs? No problem!
  • Multiple libraries: Set up separate libraries for work and play and switch between them easily.
  • And more…



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