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Library Monkey Pro 1.1.10

Sleek, powerful, and dominant, Library Monkey Pro is the 800-lb gorilla you need to handle all of your monkey business. A complete librarian and CD ripper with an integrated Sound Grinder Pro; Library Monkey Pro is the main event. Import, manage, edit, process and "Portion Control" all your audio one place — with full AU and VST Plug-in support. And don’t worry if you’re running ProTools, Digital Performer, Logic, or another pro DAW, Library Monkey Pro fully adapts to any habitat.

Whatever the task, you will save considerable amounts of time and money from the ease of use and creative features in Library Monkey Pro. We have worked hard to make this the most complete audio management application ever created! Read below for the many features Library Monkey Pro offers in providing the fastest, most efficient, and rock solid audio utility available today!

Import It
Import your existing audio assets with a simple drag and drop to get up and running quickly. Import text files to quickly add detailed text information for existing audio assets. Rip your CD audio libraries with full track and index support.

Organize It
Organize your assets according to their structure on your system, in the form of Libraries. You can also create Sets, in which you can organize your assets by project, talent, character, time frame, or any criteria you desire. Your Sets can have a hierarchy, and an asset can be in as many Sets as needed. In addition, you can create Smart Sets according to any set of criteria and Library Monkey Pro will keep them up-to-date as you add and modify assets.

Find It
In addition to creating Smart Sets, you can find specific assets quickly by performing a search. The search can be global or limited to specific Libraries or Sets. You can perform searches inside search results as well. Once you have found specific assets, store them in the Bin while you search for more. Once you’re finished, select all the assets in the Bin for processing.

Edit It
Open your assets in the waveform editor, and perform actions such as Normalize, Auto-Region, Auto-Trim, Apply Plugins, Change Sample Rate and more. Create and name regions for easy separation and exporting. Work with fades, loops and markers with an intuitive interface. You can also edit multi-channel audio and customize the editing environment to your liking.

Process your assets with these and many other time-saving features:

  • Advanced MP3: Create MP3 files using the pristine MP3 FhG codec from Thomson/Fraunhofer. This is the "real deal" and you will hear the difference! We also include the MP3 LAME codec for additional support for the variety of MP3 processing needs.
  • Droplets: Create droplets for those repetitive tasks. Then simply drag and drop assets and they will be processed with your custom settings.
  • Metadata: Process your assets with enhanced metadata tools. Whether you need to change the metadata of one file, or process thousands with the same data, you will find many unique options to save you countless hours in processing.
  • Open With: Quickly open your selected assets in another application directly from Library Monkey Pro.
  • Copy: Copy your selected assets to a desired location and then quickly open them in another application.
  • Process: Perform advanced file processing on your audio assets and then open them in another application. Change formats, apply normalizing, apply AU and VST plugins. Create presets for quick recall of common settings. Apply advanced naming schemes to the output files.


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