Macvide Audio Recorder 2.2

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Macvide Audio Recorder

Macvide Audio Recorder is a sound recording program for Mac OS X. Recording to a computer has never been easier. Macvide Audio Recorder is ideal for recording voice or other audio that you can use in podcasts or other voice presentations, or to create an audio book. With Macvide Audio Recorder you can quickly and easily record audio notes, messages or announcements in formats including mp3, wma, amr, mmf, aac, ac3 flac, and mp2.

Macvide Audio Recorder allows you easily record voice or music directly from a microphone or other external line-in input. In addition you can also record sounds that are being played by your Mac internally such as audio that is being played by other applications such as iTunes, QuickTime, Flash, and various games or via internet broadcasts and internet streaming audio or music. Audio Recorder is ideal for recording interviews, news or melodies from radio, speech in conferences, and other situations that require instant recording.

Macvide Audio Recorder Features:

  • Record sound, voice, notes, music or any other audio.
  • Save recordings to your hard drive in mp3, iPod mp4
  • Wave encoding at sample rates between 6000 and 196000Hz in PCM or many other codecs and bits.
  • Designed to be simple and robust for professional and corporate recording applications.


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