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MegaSeg 5.1

Announcing MegaSeg 5 with over 100 improvements, including Snow Leopard optimizations, a new animated interface, integrated playlist viewer with direct iTunes access, multi-touch trackpad crossfader control, improved MIDI with Denon HC4500 support, BPM preview editing, live stream and import events, turntable break-effect, progress-style transports, and much more.

The MegaSeg mixing and playlist scheduling system gives you total control of your music and video performance. It allows you to customize and simplify your user experience like no other, and perform live segues or beat–mix between music and videos for a professional presentation.

Universal Binary LogoMegaSeg is tuned for full–speed power on the latest Macs, and is compatible with multiple audio output devices and MIDI controllers. Featuring fast access to your iTunes music and playlists including direct drag–n–drop from iTunes, a robust set of color coding and library display options, network syncing, automatic playback scheduling, playlist rules including artist separation, and much more!

Eye Candy
Video Output The Ambient Video Playlist feature gives you continuous video output. This will automatically display Quicktime or MPEG compatible videos or stills when playing audio only tracks in the main playlist. Connect your Mac to a video projector or second monitor, and keep your audience’s eyes and ears entertained at all times.

Dynamic Music Scheduling
MegaSeg Scheduler Use MegaSeg to schedule and automate playback of music, video, and announcements. MegaSeg’s powerful feature set includes intuitive management of song rotation, timed playlist events, instant sound effect with Hot Keys, easy playlist rules for artist separation, request lists, and iTunes compatible playlists.


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