PFTrack 5.0

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With its unique feature set and ease of use PFTrack 3.0 takes tracking to the next level. Version 3.0 can now track many separate moving objects within a sequence, as well as solving camera motion issues – users simply export data from tracking groups, whether it’s camera data, object movement or motion-capture sessions. The PLE version of PFTrack is fully functional without a license, however it will not allow you to export data. You can save your project and use the software to learn the tools within PFTrack. Project Data cannot be shared between the PLE version and the full commercial version of PFTrack.

Features of PFTrack

· Geometry Tracking
· Import .obj models from 3D Applications to use as tracking guides
· Per Vertex weight painting to imporve tracking of complex shots
· Fast head and face replacement using imported geometry
· Track set models into footage for set extensions
· View geometry as wire frame, transparent and flat shaded modes
· Full geometry manipulation tools
· Key frame tracking for greater accuracy
· Vertex to Pixel pinning
· Stereoscopic Tracking
· Support for dual camera solve of Left and Right Eye
· Automatic calculation of Occular distance and convergence point
· Rendering of Anaglyph preview movie complete with tracking markers
· Camera Solver
· Major Speed Improvments
· Motion Capture Solver
· Extented Camera Motion Types
· Reference Frame support
· Solve multiple camera motions in one pass
· Independant Motion Group Solving
· Partial Solve Saving
· Delete camera path over a range of frames


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