Radiologik DJ 1.7

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Radiologik DJ 1.7

Radiologik is a set of two programs that seeks to address the specific needs of radio broadcasting in an accessible and focused way. Developed first for LPFMs, online streaming radio stations, and school radio stations, it is an evolving project.

Proven with months of continuous non-stop service, the DJ and the scheduler allow you to have a no worries reliable fully-automated station today.

There are a lot of great pieces of DJ software for the Mac and there are a lot of software titles focused on radio for Windows but there is only one piece of software in serious development focused on the needs of real radio broadcasters on the Mac.

Although Radiologik is not equipped with the overwhelming features/options/complications of some Windows radio software, it does take a unique approach by building on the foundation of iTunes with it’s library and playlists and smart playlists and interacts with it in all ways that make sense and in some ways really magnifying that power through exact to-the-second time fitting or date searching. This interaction is bi-directional and ultra-fast compared to any other DJ software. It is seamless and not some token import ability that takes all Megaday.

Change Log:

  • Reading tags and data is made more efficient to greatly reduce interface hesitations for things like selecting 1 and 2 hour mp3 files in the library, typically reducing these larger files from 2-3 seconds to open down to 0.1 – 0.2 seconds.
  • Selecting tracks in the library with the track properties window open now no longer reads the file twice making this activity more efficient.
  • Now uses QTKit to do audio rendering for mp3. This fixes a previous known issue: where some mp3 files over 30 minutes that were not created with iTunes might begin to give small gaps in playback after 20 minutes, where the workaround was to re-encode in iTunes
  • Added Publish Album option in the preferences where previously it always published the album if present
  • Library database is now recreated from scratch whenever the library is emptied to automatically correct the rare possibility of database corruption
  • iTunes playlist buttons now properly re-enable (broken in 1.6.9)
  • Fixed an issue where the next track would not load if the current playing track is fade finished within the first 1/600 of its length
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes opening a file dialog would freeze the player interface until the dialog was dismissed.


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