SonicSwap 4.4.7

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SonicSwap 4.4.7

SonicSwap 4.4.7 details

Ever wish you could transform your iTunes playlists into personal
music video playlists you could watch, post, and share with friends
anywhere? Now you can. This hot iTunes accessory brings a whole new
dimension to your music collection. Use this free plug-in to upload
your playlists to a personal account on SonicSwap where they are
automatically converted into video playlists of live concert recordings
and original music videos.

This also gives you hot key control, quick views of what’s playing, and
easy ways to tag your tracks. Want to buy a track to load on your
iPod…a quick click links you to the iTunes Music Store.

What’s New in this Version

– Shop Smart: compares your music library against any playlist to
show you the tracks you have and only presents buy buttons for what you
need to complete the playlist. (Works no matter where you got the
tracks from.)

– Use Shop Smart to compare your favorite artist’s music in your
collection against their discography to see the tracks you need to
complete your collection.

– New artist recommendations based on your favorite artists.

– A few bug fixes to improve performance

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • iTunes 4.7 or later
  • 512MB of RAM recommended
  • A free SonicSwap account to store your playlists




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