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Sound Grinder Pro 1.1.10

Backed by the power of Sound Grinder, Sound Grinder Pro is the Studio Monkey’s secret weapon. Not only does Sound Grinder Pro make quick work of batch processing, but also does nifty tricks like editing waveforms, extracting audio regions and Portion Control without leaving the application. Oh, and this Pro also batch processes with the AU and VST plugins…clever little monkey.

Waveform Editing
With its efficient design, you will quickly find your way around the editor, saving time in your editing tasks. Work with fades, loops and markers with an intuitive interface. Edit multi-channel audio and customize the editing environment to your liking. Use the unique waveform overview to quickly navigate the audio and locate edits. Create and name regions for easy separation and exporting. Perform actions such as Normalize, Auto-Region, Auto-Trim, Apply Plugins, Change Sample Rate and much more.

Portion Control
New to version 1.1, you can now export user-defined portions of a file in a single batch process. Take sections of audio from the beginning, end or anywhere in-between, and apply fades based on type and duration. You can even perform an auto region and export the new regions in a single pass complete with custom naming. If you have ever needed to create demos of your work or export countless regions and loops, Portion Control is the feature you have been dreaming of.

Plug-in Processing
Batch-process your audio files through your favorite AU, VST and Monkey Tools plug-ins including the new Insert Silence and Auto-Trim plug-ins. Create a custom pipeline, preview your results before processing and create presets or Droplets to process your files with simple drag-n-drop.

High Quality MP3 including MP3 Surround
Sound Grinder Pro includes the powerful MP3 codec from Thomson/Fraunhofer. This new codec offers pristine conversion that is a must-have for audio production today. You can also create mono, stereo and 5.1 surround files in the MP3 format. In addition, we include the LAME MP3 codec for those die-hard producers who demand options. Download the demo and hear the incredible clarity you can achieve with this new codec.

Process your files with these additional time-saving features:

  • Droplets: Create droplets for those repetitive tasks. Then simply drag and drop assets and they will be processed with your custom settings.
  • Movie Preview: Preview the video track of video files, and process the audio while retaining the video track.
  • Rapid Convert™: Use Rapid Convert to activate the Sound Grinder Pro processing engine from the Finder, even using previously created presets.
  • Process: Perform advanced file processing on your audio assets and then open them in another application. Change formats, apply normalizing, apply AU and VST plugins. Create presets for quick recall of common settings. Apply advanced naming schemes to the output files.


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