Ubercaster 1.6.4

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Ubercaster 1.6.4

Made for podcasting
Leave your garage and feel at home. Übercaster has been made with podcaster’s needs in mind. With its versatile options you may record your show the way you’re used to and profit from Übercaster’s advanced cut and release tools. But you may also take advantage of Übercaster’s ground breaking live audio recording. Auto ducking, effects, chapters for enhanced podcasts, ID3 tags, album cover art, mp3/AAC/AIFF encoding – you name it. It’s all there. Seamlessly integrated.

Appealingly easy
The days of overloaded and bulky recording environments are over. Übercaster bundles its awesome features in an eye-inspiring, innovative and easy to use software. Thanks to a clear and smooth interface, you can jump right in and record your episode. All the goodies are waiting unintrusively in the corner and are there when you need them.
This makes Übercaster perfectly suitable for both, newbies and advanced users.

Pure bred Mac application
Übercaster uses the Cocoa framework and is completely written in OS X’s native language Objective-C . So its look and feel are pretty familiar. Moreover it benefits from powerful technologies: CoreImage for fluid GUI transitions, CoreAudio and its state of the art AudioUnits for audio processing and Apple’s Accelerated Framework for high performance DSP tasks. Last but not least Übercaster is highly multi threaded and takes advantage of multiple CPUs if present.


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