Agile Platform Community Edition 5.0

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Agile Platform Community Edition 5.0

The Community Edition is a full version of the Agile Platform for
building web applications and business processes using agile
methodologies, and deploy them in production for personal use or by
small businesses.
It offers a completely visual IDE to integrate,
develop, deploy, manage and change web applications and business
processes, including:

  1. Integration Studio: Desktop tool to create integration components to connect to your existing systems and databases;
  2. Service Studio: Desktop tool to develop all aspects of web applications
    using visual models, including UI, logic, DB, timers and more;
  3. 1-Click Publishing: Automated process to deploy web applications, components and processes with 1-click, in minutes;
  4. Service Center: Web based tool to centrally manage applications, components, processes, versioning, security, and monitoring.

the Agile Platform Community Edition you can explore building web
business applications with Agile methodologies on your own terms and
time-frame. This "no strings attached" version of Agile Platform aims
at building a grassroots awareness and drive further support and
adoption of Agile development within the industry. At any time you can
uninstall the Agile Platform without compromising the applications that
have been built and that are running in production.


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