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JAlbum makes web albums of your digital images and aims to be the easiest to use and most powerful tool in this category. With JAlbum you have full control of the look of the generated album, not just color theme and basic layout, still making an album is just a matter of drag and drop + a button click if you prefer to use one of the many existing looks.

Features of JAlbum

Easy to use User Interface:
· Explorer-like user interface. The order of the buttons left side reflect the workflow. You can easily manage your images, rotate, comment and arrange as you want.

Runs on many systems:
· Jalbum was developed in Java, therefore it runs on every operating system which is capable of running Java, including Windows (all versions), Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, OS2.

32 Languages:
· Jalbum most likely speaks your language – it comes with 32!

Skins – endless customization:
· Skins define the gallery look and functionality. Jalbum has 13 skins built-in with another 120 skins available for download. Add images with drag & drop
· Adding your images to Jalbum is simple: just drag and drop!

What's New

· Skins may now have style specific hints too. By putting style hints files in the styles folder of a skin, these hints are applied when loading a skin or picking a style. A style specific hint has the format .jap, for example Black.jap. The format for style specific hints is the same as for skin hints
· You can now apply the ordering of the current folder to all subfolders in one go. (See Tools->External tools)
· The image tools (a k a image filters) have now been translated to Dutch, Finnish, German, Korean, Portugues, Slovak and Swedish. Thank you dear skin translators!
· Thumbnails can now have a higher JPEG compression quality than slides. Good for thumbnails with embedded frames that might need that extra quality to avoid visible JPEG artifacts.
· When saving album projects. Jalbum can now make backups of the previous album project
· Bundled skin "Galleria" updated to make use of new skin developer features (style specific hints and StateMonitor class)
· On Mac: Deleted files now moved to the recycle bin if you're running on the latest Java update (Perform a check for updates under the Apple menu)
· On Mac: When performing "Show in file system" and when packing skins, the target object is selected in Finder. This requires you to run the latest Java update (Perform a check for updates under the Apple menu)
· When updating skins, skin installer now moves the previous skin version to the recycle bin. (On Mac, this requires an updated Java)
· Skins may now omit the "slide.htt" file. This disables the "Make slides" checkbox. No need to create dummy slide.htt files or add slides=false hints anymore
· Installer for Windows (AdvancedInstaller) updated from v7.3.1 to v7.5

Bug fixes:
· Skin loading rewritten. These weird race conditions and scripting errors when loading skins repeatedly should now be gone
· Fix for spinning spinners in Jalbum's info window if user hasn't added any accounts
· Jalbum would fail on startup if it didn't find the last used Look and Feel
· Calling ui2Engine from a skin would clear the username for temporarily signed in users
· Jalbum would fail connecting to accounts lacking a password. Connecting without a stored password triggers an interactive password dialog, but the entered password was ignored


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