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A1 Website Analyzer 2.1.2

With the help of Website Analyzer you can analyze file sizes, response codes, download times etc. of all pages and optimize internal linking to focus link juice on pages you want indexed. The crawler in our website analysis tool is able to discover broken links and file references in HTML and CSS files, even Javascript code can be partially analyzed for broken links. Depending on configuration, redirect and link checking can include references to all file types, e.g. documents, images and videos.

After completing website scan, you are shown all found URLs in a tree like Windows Explorer. This allows you to quickly find and solve all broken links and redirects. You can view detailed information on all found items. Need to understand howcome a page with error 404 not found response code is listed? Our program can show you all places that use, link or redirect to it.

A1 Website Analyzer is a complete link checker solution. Unlike online link checker tools, this allows testing websites located anywhere including localhost, internet, local file system, and local area network. With our software there is no fixed upper limit of pages and links you can check.


  • HTML and CSS validate all pages within a website.
  • Have link checker tool find broken links and broken redirects.
  • Analyze file sizes, response codes, download times etc. of all pages.
  • Optimize internal linking to focus link juice on pages you want indexed.
  • Analyze your entire website to find website and crawler problems.
  • Fix link juice flow, broken links, file sizes, CSS and HTML errors etc.
  • Enjoy the free website analyzer 30 days trial which is fully functional.

Uncover important website problems:

  • Broken links: Validate all links to make sure your website has no broken links.
  • HTML errors: HTML errors can make pages appear incorrectly in browsers.
  • Response time: Can the webserver respond to multiple concurrent requests?
  • Download time: Is the webserver CPU or bandwidth too slow at serving files?
  • Character set: If a page outputs this wrong, it can hinder indexing by search engines.
  • File size: Optimize bandwidth usage and download time caused by large pages and images.
  • PageRank sculpting: Have link juice flow to pages you want ranking high in search engines.
  • Page titles: Check if all page titles are optimized and none are duplicated.
  • META description: Verify all page META descriptions are relevant and optimized.

Change Log:

  • Misc. updates and bug fixes.

What's New

  • Various fixes in website analysis tool.


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