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Flash Banner 1.0.2

Now you can add a professional looking Flash banner ad or intro to your site with our Flash Banner extension; a simple and effective means to display your ad images with the ability to link each image. A high quality and effective banner is a key element in online advertising campaigns to grab attention and be noticed.

An animated banner will attract more eyeballs and clicks over a still, static image. Also, embedded fonts are integrated to improve the quality of displayed fonts. The installation package contains the Dreamweaver extension (FlashBanner.mxp), allowing you the ability to easily create a high-impact, XML-powered banner with Dreamweaver MX 2004, 8, CS3, or CS4. Using user-friendly interface , we provide you the ability to adjust all colors, fonts, sizes, spacing as well as a wide range of more than 20 parameters and 5 types of slide transition that you can modify according your taste.

The information about the banner is contained in the XML file, providing advanced developers or the beginner a dynamic banner that receives data from a database or other sources.


  • Customization: Absolutely all colors, fonts, sizes, spacings, everything – can be changed to fit the look and feel you want.
  • Fonts: New option ‘Use embedded fonts’ was integrated to improve the quality of fonts displaying.
  • Dreamweaver integration: Installation package contains Dreamweaver extension (FlashBanner.mxp). Dreamweaver extension allows you to easily create high-impact XML-powered flash banner. Extension have user friendly interface.
  • Working without Dreamweaver: Usage of external XML configuration and content files provides you to work with component without Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • W3C Valid (X)HTML: The extension inserts code which is fully W3C valid.


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