HTML2JPG Blackbox 2.1

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Windows Xp
Web Tools

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HTML2JPG Blackbox

This product will do conversions the ‘interactive’ way. You can use it
as your browser (with reduced functionality), follow links till you
find a nice page that you wish to grab, just grab it and continue
browsing. More suited for private, personal use. Basic batch-processing
of URLs stored in a text-file is possible. But for fully unattended
batch processing of long lists of URLs the Enterprise version is the
right product.

Features of HTML2JPG Blackbox

  • Uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX component for displaying web-content accurately using the latest web-standards.
  • Converts
    not only HTML-files, but any content that can be displayed natively by
    the IE-browser. (dynamic pages from CGI/ ASP/ PHP, text-files, some
    image formats, …)
  • Captures the whole ‘vertical’ content of a webpage (also the invisible part that doesn’t fit in the window).
  • Creates BMP, JPG or PNG images.
  • Option
    to NOT scroll and just grab the visible top-part of a webpage. (Ideal
    for creating equally sized preview-thumbnails of webpages)
  • Required JPEG quality can be set.
  • Image can be resized.
  • Automatic file naming
  • Specify manually the file name to use for the image (NEW since v4.1).
  • Batch-mode operation.
  • Fully unattended batch-conversions using command line parameters.



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