IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio 2.02

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IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio 2.02

IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio is a very easy and powerful tool to create a Flash animated intro and banner without any Flash knowledge using a wizard-driven user interface. It allows you to select a static/animated background with customizable colors from the built-in background library.

More than 100 text effects
Choose from 100+ text effects. Each effect is highly customizable, allowing you to produce totally different effect by a little tweaking. 

Select various background styles
Select from four different background styles: single color, transparent, gradient and image.
Customize your animation
Customize your animation by enabling/disabling border, preloader, mute button and intro button. You can also choose what action to be performed at the end of your animation playback,
Direct text manipulation
Easily position, rotate and resize your texts by simply dragging handles on a preview window.

Support foreign character (New in 2.0)
Chinese, Japanese, Greek, European, Korean, etc characters are supported.
Background image scrolling (New in 2.0)
Background image can be made scrolling with an adjustable scrolling speed.
New stylish background tile (New in 2.0)
New type of stylish background tiled has been added to suit the scrolling background.
WYSIWYG preview window
See the changes you have made instantly.




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