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Ultima Website 1.5

Ultima Website is a new product aimed at those who want to be able design simple but professional-looking websites yet do not have the money to hire a web designer or the knowledge to use complicated web design software and coding themselves.

This program uses a similar application interface to that of Microsoft Office (or similiar office software such as Open Office), making it particularly easy to get to grips with for anyone who has a knowledge of any of those programs.

This website editor is entirely in WYSIWYG mode, meaning ‘what you see is what you get’. Therefore, there is no complicated coding required and anyone will now be able to design a website for themselves even with just a basic knowledge of computing. The website project is also stored on your computer in a single file.

Now, without any special knowledge, you can design your website be it for yourself or for your company and create professional-looking results for less money and in less time than ever before. The program only costs $49, making it an absolute bargain.

With the incredible expansion of Web 2.0 and fast growth of social networking and the internet in general, now is an ideal time to start up a website. One of the easiest ways to do this is through use of a website creation tool like Ultima Website.


  • Full WYSIWYG mode – What You See Is What You Get. Ultima Website means it’s never been so easy and straightforward to create a website, because using the program doesn’t require any specialist knowledge. Just enjoy creating your online space!
  • The interface of Ultima Website is very clear and easy-to-use. Using the fast and clear functions, it’s not difficult to become an effective web designer. If you’ve worked with Microsoft Word or other text processing software, then you’ll be familiar with the process of Ultima Website.
  • Ultima Website is a great timesaver. It’s very fast to design you own website with the program due to built-in templates.
  • A money saver. Ultima Website saves you thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on web designers.
  • Websites designed by Ultima Website are fully compatible with all modern standards and browsers. What you see in the design interface is what your visitors will see.
  • Excellent price. Ultima Website costs just $49.95 for the rest of 2009 up to New Year! Give the program to your relatives, friends or children as a gift.


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