NetSurveyor 1.0.9305

Nuts About Nets LLC
9.5 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp
Wireless Networking

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NetSurveyor was designed to be an 802.11 (Wi-Fi) network discovery tool
and, as such, its goal in life is to gather information about nearby
wireless access points in real time and display it in a useful way.

The data is displayed using a variety of different diagnostic views and
charts. Data can be recorded for extended periods and played-back at a
later date/time. Also, reports can be generated in Adobe PDF format.

Features of NetSurveyor

* During the installation of a wireless network, as an aid in
verifying the network is properly configured and antennas are
positioned at locations to achieve efficient transmission / reception
— that is, for use in verifying Wi-Fi coverage and maximizing beacon
signal strength
* Trouble-shooting an existing network or wireless environment that is performing poorly
* In a secure business environment, for use in detecting the presence of rogue access points
* As a learning tool to help understand the relationship between access
points (BSSIDs), wireless networks (SSIDs), and client stations (STAs).
* Reporting the presence of Wi-Fi networks and local access points and the signal strengths of their beacons.
* Conducting wireless site surveys where the installer is interested in
learning about the coverage of a new or existing access point, roaming
capability, presence of RF interference or “dead spots”, and optimum
location of access points, their antennas and client stations.

System Requirements:

* Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 (or later)
* 802.11 b/g wireless adapter installed with NDIS 5.x drivers (or later)
* CD-ROM Drive (for installing software)
* a minimum of 300 MB available hard disk space
* CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 1.2 GHz or faster
* Memory: 512 MB
* Hard Drive: 1000 MB free space
* Video: 32 MB video RAM


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