How to do shopping on the internet via Paypal

The more and more commercial sites offer their customers pay for their purchases through PayPal, an electronic purse familiar to users of auction website eBay (company that also owns PayPal). Its principle is childish: you pay an electronic wallet that you are fueling your account or your credit card (on the secure site of PayPal); instead of drawing it to each transaction could you hide the number of precious sesame. You set well with this wallet at all sites merchants joining the system for as long as your balance is positive.

As for safety, is a plus: number or your credit card or your credit card information is disseminated to online merchants that you’re the client? Similarly, your wallet is not a bottomless pit, and you can set some limits: limits of payment transaction, annual payment limits, etc..

The other advantage of PayPal is that the system allows individuals to send each other money. For example, it is possible (and practical) to have paid the price of an item being sold on auction site or classified ads. And around the world!

Beware, however: the costs are based on transaction type selected. We did a full point on how to use PayPal, and also on its tariffs.

How to create your account?

It is really nothing easier! Opening a PayPal account is a matter of minutes. Before you start, remember to bring your bank details, ie: the bank code, branch code, account number and the sort code. Once these items are available with you visit

1 – Complete the form

On the home page of PayPal, click the button (orange) Open an account that is in the left column, under the Home tab. Then indicate your country of residence and the language used to interface PayPal. Specify that you want to finally open an account as an individual (but note also that you can open a business account).

You must now fill out the form, indicating your identity and contact information that you are available. PayPal insists on the need to provide your phone number to contact you quickly if problems arise. Click Accept and create the account to continue.

2 – Choose your payment method

PayPal will then ask you to choose your payment method. This involves defining what the PayPal account will be linked: your bank account or credit card.

Note that if neither option suits you, you can go directly to your PayPal account in restricted mode and use the money on it by third parties (clients, parents …) but not more than Rs. 105000 year in total. If necessary, you can remove these limits at any time, but it will link directly to your bank account or credit card.

3 – Register your bank details

You have chosen to link PayPal with your bank account or with your card. You’ll need to specify the number one or the other. Caution: be sure to enter your name as it appears on your account. In the opposite case, your payment will be returned and return fee will be charged.

4 – Fund your account

To add funds to your PayPal balance, nothing very sorcerer. From the My Account tab, click Add Funds. You must then register the name of a bank, provide your bank account number, then the amount to be credited to your PayPal account. Approximately 8 to 10 business days for the transfer to be effective!

Note that you do not need to credit your PayPal account to use it, but it can lengthen the time your payment.

How do I send money?

What whatever reason (gift or payment), it can happen to you to send money to a close. With PayPal, you can make a transfer of funds without leaving his chair and almost immediately.

The transaction is completed in seconds, and money, it is credited to the recipient’s bank account in a few hours. Note that the transfer is free if made from the bank account. A commission of 3.4% plus per transaction is deducted when paying by card. Here, initially, the manual side sender.

1 – Make a transfer

In your PayPal dashboard, click on the Send Money tab. In the window that appears, enter the email address of the recipient and the amount to be transferred, the currency, then select the tab Sending money to your loved ones. Finally, specify the nature of the transmission (sharing expenses, rent, debt or other) and press the Continue button.

2 – Check the information

As one can never be too careful when it comes to money transfer step to checkout to verify information on the transfer (including the amount and identity of the recipient) before it be effective. If everything seems in order, click the Make Payment.

3 – Get confirmation of delivery

Once the transfer is completed, PayPal will confirm payment by a summary of the amount and recipient. The payment site also informs you that by an e-mail informing you of the transaction just completed.

4 – View the contents of the transaction

For details of the transaction, click the View details. The table is a summary of all elements of the transaction, ie the date, the identity of the recipient, the method of payment and the amount sent. Finally, PayPal tells you if the transfer has been recovered or not the recipient.

How to receive money?

Across the Web, you are now in the role of the recipient. Moments after the transfer order given by the sender, an e-mail appears in your inbox with the following heading: "You received a payment. Here’s how to recover funds that are sent.

1 – Receive the notice of payment

The received message informs you of the identity of the sender and tells you the transfer amount and the date and time of the transaction. It contains a hyperlink to activate it to get your payment. Click on this link.

2 – Redeem

If you have a PayPal account, simply log into the window that opens to the cash transfer. If not, create one by clicking on Open Account.

3 – Check the transaction

Once the transaction is completed, the amount is shown in the chart of account. Note that in the case of a credit card transaction, the sender can choose to let the transaction costs (for rates, see "How to send money") charged to the beneficiary of the transfer.

How to pay a merchant site?

We often associate the opportunity to pay for purchases with PayPal, with eBay (the parent). However, the platform auction has no monopoly service free micropayment. There are several hundred. They are grouped in the Personal tab (Benefits section of PayPal), on the home page. The manual is similar to that of any PayPal page. At the adjudication stage, simply click on the PayPal logo to select this payment method. You are then redirected to your PayPal account.

After asking you to sign, the service prompts you to verify information about your account and to authorize the commercial site to collect the amount of the transaction via PayPal. In the summary of your purchase, a message indicates that payment of the order is validated. It’ll just give your consent and receive the order! Note: payment by PayPal is subject to any commission in this context.


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