TrueCrypt A Freeware Encryption Program

Computer data is becoming unsecure and make the hacker more greedy. In the same way protecting the data becomes more
sensitive issue and essential in certain trades. An individual somewhat
may feel that there is a need to put their data safe from hackers and others.

A relatively simple solution is the data encryption software called TrueCrypt. There is lots of
software available, but TrueCrypt is Free, comprehensive,
multi-platform and easy to use.

Virtual drive
The simplest solution is to create a virtual drive that is protected by the encryption. For this, the follow this steps:

  1. Launch the application, choose a drive letter and click on Create Volume.
  2. Then choose the first method which proposed – Create an encrypted file container.
  3. Select the volume standard or hidden volume, both protected by password, also invisible on your computer.
  4. Choose a location for the TrueCrypt volume on your computer.


Encryption and volume
Encryption is the most important step to protect your data. The choice
of method used will be the condition for the quality of protection,
also affects the duration of the operation. Three algorithms are
available: AES, Serpent and Twofish. All these methods generate a coded
keys to 256 bit and offer a very good level of security. For the more
paranoid among you, know that it is possible to combine two or even
three of these methods together.

Three methods are proposed for the hash (RIPEMD-160, SHA-512,
Whirlpool). This function verifies the integrity and validity of the
key used. RIPEMD-160 generates a signature of 160 bits, like the
function SHA-512. Whirlpool Product Service for its impressions of 512

The next steps are to define the options encrypted volume that you create.

  1. Start by defining the size of the unit encrypted. Be sure to select an
    area sufficient to accommodate all the data you intend to protect.
  2. Then set the password for the volume. This must be the most complex, if
    possible please use special characters, also be sure to remember your
  3. You can also choose to generate a password from a file. Attention in
    this case this file should never be deleted or even changed.
  4. Finally Set the file system for encrypted unit, FAT or NTFS. Then run the formatting unit. 

Use encrypted files –

  1. At the bottom of the main program window, click Select File.
  2. Explore your folders for your unit to be encrypted.
  3. A window will ask you your password enter that (or enter the path to your key file).

The unit appears in the list. Double click it to open and place the
files you want to protect. Once done you can dismount the volume.

If you have indicated the method to build a virtual storage units
encrypted TrueCrypt can also encrypt a partition that contains the
operating system . In the latter case they are external hard drives or
partitions of data that can be protected by encryption. If you decide
to encrypt your disk subsystem i.e. the partition on which Windows is
installed, then anyone trying to access it must enter the password on each time of Windows bootup. The protection in this case is much more effective than
simple password logon that is provided by
Microsoft in Windows which is called User Account, but also more risky if you forget your password you can not
retrieve any data back.



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