Quickly stop Windows XP services using batch file

Are you looking for some steps to free up as much of your memory as
possible for your gaming? Did you found what you needed and if yes was
it really helpful? I will show you how to quickly turn off all the
services you don’t require for your gaming experience.

For detailed information on all of the services you may visit blackviper website.

First browse to your C drive in Windows Explorer. Right click and select new text document.

Name it "netstop.txt"

After this rename it to "netstop.bat"

After this right click on the file and select "Edit"

Now we’ll need to figure out what services we need to stop.

Hit Start -> Run -> Type: services.msc

It will sort by status and shows you what is currently running. You’ll
want to take a look at what’s running and then reference blackvipers
site to figure out what it means. He has, on the second from the right,
a gaming rig profile. If it’s disabled for his gaming rig profile then
it should be fine to stop this service.

Now go back to your open window of netstop.bat

Every service you want to stop should be on its own line. I’ll provide
you with an example of what I’m choosing to stop. Yours will vary so
please don’t just copy and paste this into yours.

NET STOP "Automatic Updates"
NET STOP "Computer Browser"
NET STOP "Cryptographic Services"
NET STOP "Diskeeper"
NET STOP "Distributed Link Tracking Client"
NET STOP "Error Reporting Service"
NET STOP "FireDaemon Service:FAH"
NET STOP "Help and Support"
NET STOP "Messenger"
NET STOP "Network Connections"
NET STOP "Norton AntiVirus Auto Protect Service"
NET STOP "Print Spooler"
NET STOP "Protected Storage"
NET STOP "Remote Access Auto Connection Manager"
NET STOP "Secondary Logon"
NET STOP "Security Accounts Manager"
NET STOP "Server"
NET STOP "Shell Hardware Detection
NET STOP "System Event Notification"
NET STOP "System Restore Service"
NET STOP "Task Scheduler"
NET STOP "Themes"
NET STOP "Upload Manager"
NET STOP "Windows Management Instrumentation"
NET STOP "Windows Time"

After you put all of the services you’d like to stop in the file save
it, close the editor and double click on netstop.bat. It may take a
couple of minutes to take down all of these services if the list is
rather long.

When you would like to start them back, you can either restart your
system or create a netstart.bat and copy your contents from netstop.bat
and everywhere that says STOP replace it with START.

Isn’t it a rather easy way to help you gain a bit of extra power? For me it’s a
quick way to shut folding and the AV off so i can hop into a game.


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