Create Custom Forum Signature Using Photoshop

Software Used: Photoshop 6.0

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

This tutorial tells you how to create a simple but yet great looking signature for your online forums.

1) Open a new document with height 100 pixels and width 450 pixels (or use the desired size of your signature)

(Press D, to reset colors)

2) Filter -> Render -> Clouds (Press D before this to reset colors)

3) Filter -> Distort -> ZigZag and use the following settings

Amount: 100%
Ridges: 4%

Your image should now be looking like this…

4) Image -> Adjust -> Hue/Saturation (CTRL + U). Tick the Colorize option.

Feel free to play with the colors here. I used the settings:

Hue: 256 | Saturation: 50 | Lightness: 0

You just created the background for your signature.

5) Create a New Layer (CTRL + SHIFT + N)

6) Select the Rectangular marquee tool and make a selection like:

7) Edit -> Fill -> Use: White

Also deselect the marquee (by clicking somewhere outside the image)

8) Layer -> Layer Style -> Blending Options….

a) Make Opacity: 50%

b) Select Drop Shadow (with default options)

c) Stroke with Size:1 and Color: Black

Now it’ll be:

9) Next select the Text tool and type your name or whatever you want in
such a way that the font size is not larger than the white patch. Now
drag the text onto the white patch.

Final Image:

You just created a cool signature for your online forums!


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