Installing Google Chrome OS with VirtualBox

I have found that some people searching for the solution to install Google Chrome OS on windows, mac or linux but they did not found any guide to do so here is a little tutorial for you to try the new operating
system from Google Chrome OS.

This tutorial will allow you to install as a virtual machine using
VirtualBox so you will not need to bother about current OS. With VirtualBox Google Chrome OS ( Chromium OS ) will run in a
window. VirtualBox is available
for Windows, Mac OS andlinux


You’ll need two programs, the first is VirtualBox from Sun
Microsystems and the second is an image with
Google Chrome OS v.

 Download and Install 

VirtualBox :
Image Chrome OS v.


Installing VirtualBox

First install VirtualBox .Thia is simple as you install any other software. Basically,
there is nothing to configure at this level. Under XP you will get warning about components signature slect Continue anyway.


After installation restart your computer before proceeding further

Installing Chrome OS
1. Start VirtualBox to install chrome os and press New.


2. In the box Name write down name of this OS then to install Chrome you need to selecty operating system here i have selected Linux , Ubuntu



3. You need to select ram memory to allocate for VirtualBox .Depending on the amount of RAM you have you can allocate  memory to Chrome OS.



4. It is important to use an existing hard drive
and Click on the folder with the green arrow to select the OS image of




5. Then press Finish



6. Now you have your image of Chrome ready to launch. Press the Start button.



7. Chrome window will open , then for while OS will show black window dont worry that is for a few seconds, then you should see the login screen of Chrome.In this screen you must enter a valid Google id to continue


8. Done with Google Chrome OS

Please note that there may be some problem exist with some computer as it is not final version of Chrome OS







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