God of War Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Two Epic Adventures of Conquest, Destiny, and
Vengeance, God of War  and God of War  II, return for the first time on
BluRay Disc! In God of War  Collection, players will experience the
dark world of Ancient Greece through Kratos, a brutal warrior
determined to murder the God of War  and alter what no mortal has ever
changed… fate itself.
Key Features

  • God of War  and God Of War  II on one Blu-ray disc
  • Remastered for HD Resolution
  • Gameplay at 60 frames per second Full PlayStation Network Trophy Support

God of War

God of War is an endless brutal game. It beast
in you, make you roar like a bear and ignite your testosterone so in a
way no other game has in the past. When you are in the shape of the
troubled, vitamin D-deficient Kratos, swings the two deadly Blades of
Chaos and let hell rain down over the undead, Greek soldiers, minotaur
and the Cyclops, so blood flows a little faster through the years and
your breathing becomes deeper and more brutish. Something come alive
when Santa Monica Studios latest game project, turning the machine.

Perhaps this is Kratos, the selfish, tormented
and ruthless killer who gives the game it glow, or it is history that
is built around the ancient Hellenic legends and myths with the bucket
of blood and betrayal, which spell you from the moment you catch joy
pad and start your day in the huge world – it is not quite to say.

What is to be palpable, it is sublime piece of
entertainment offered in the sandals you. God of War is clearly a love
child for the game’s producer David Jaffe and his dedicated team,
because nothing you’ve seen unfold on your PlayStation 2 is in close
proximity to the Greek epic. God of War is quite simply one of the few
games at first sight, exudes classic status.

As something unexpected starts the game by the
end. Warrior Kratos throws himself off a cliff ledge to meet death on
the sharp rocks thousands of feet lower down, and right before he hits
them, then rewound the story three weeks back. We are now on a huge
ship in the pouring rain, surrounded by undead enemies. The enormous
Hydra raging waters of Athens, and the only one who can stop this beast
is our anti-hero Kratos. The first track serves as both the beginning
of the story and also as a tutorial, and then finally when the Hydra,
you are no longer in doubt gaming system many nooks and crannies.

Much of what is initially impressive, it’s
crazy high technical level. That is not to grasp that the team has
previously regale the vague Twisted Metal: Black and misunderstand the
final War of the Monsters, suddenly stands ready with a game that so
much makes Sony’s machine on overtime. There is lavished on every
detail. The huge areas runs completely smooth, Kratos is animated with
such flair that most other game characters now seem to be made with the
most Old Norse stop-motion techniques, and design of the fairytale
world is simply wonderful. Colorful collages of desert, ruins and
massive palaces mingles with burning cities, underwater caves and
mysterious temples. Throughout the more than 12 hours as God of War
products, you’ll go through all Greek legends. It is something of a
roller coaster.

A final and extremely brilliant thing is the
forces, during the road gets. At the beginning of the adventure you get
the opportunity to kill the Gorgon Medusa Queen, and when that is done,
so you can continue to use her head in the battle to petrify your
opponents. Kratos will also Poseidon’s ability to breathe underwater
and Hades scarlet army under his command. All can be used on a variety
of ways throughout the story, and forces are infinite well with the
story and the universe as God of War takes place in.

The best thing about God of War is its ability
not to end up in a particular genre box. The puzzles are logical and
comfortable in the crowd, and Kratos agile form the absolute up to God
of War might as well be a plat former. What game’s first half contains
only minimal tasks and periods of reflection, then the second part
almost dedicated to the ingenious tasks. As Kratos arrives to a huge
temple, which incidentally is chained to the back of an awesome
titanium, it gets really interesting. Puzzles spread over several
courses and levels, and when it finally gets implemented all the themed
rooms to standing back with a sense of pride and respect. The team has
really knit a fantastic ride through Greek mythology.

Kratos begins his trip aboard a ship which is
under siege by a bunch of immortal beings and the well-known
mythological Hydra. Here Mon invited to take charge of the two meters
tall and incredibly muscular anti-hero who, by means of ‘Blades of
Chaos distributes flat to anyone who stands in his way. I was guided
through the game’s basic capabilities of mutilation and was then thrown
directly into the fray, which fair enough ending when, after a long
tour through the ship’s leaking floors suddenly find themselves on the
deck in front of the awe-inspiring Hydra.

Cheats, Tips and Hints

Here’s what you can unlock by finishing the game in any difficulty mode.

  • choice-levels 
  • heroic opportunities 
  • vision of ancient Greece 
  • Mythological monster 
  • birth of the beast 
  • God-mode 
  • Cemetery 
  • Challenge of the gods

Here’s what you can unlock by finishing mode Sparta.

  • secret-revealed   – the fate of the titan
  • In ending the challenge of the gods, you unlock  – Costumes for Kratos
  • Easy bonus
  • Arrange to kill a bunch of times to qualify for the Easy mode.
  • Unlock All Videos :
  • Cemetery Characters : Finish the game under any difficulty level.
  • Credits :  Beat the game under any difficulty level.
  • Fate of the Titan :  Finish the game in Spartan.
  • Making Of :  start a new game.
  • Post Secret :  Beat the game in God mode.
  • Legendary Monsters :  Complete the game under any difficulty level.
  • Birth of the Beast :  Finish the game under any difficulty level.
  • Deleted Levels :  Beat the game under any difficulty level.
  • Heroic Possibilities :  Beat the game under any difficulty level.
  • Trailers & Teasers :  start a new game.
  • A Secret Revealed :  Beat the game mode in Spartan.
  • Video In-Game :  Finish the game under any difficulty level.
  • Visions of Ancient Greece :  Beat the game under any difficulty level.
  • Have Infinite Ammo : Put the game on pause and do the following manipulation: Select, Select, Circle, R1, R1, Start.
  • Unlock the Challenge Mode of the Gods : Finish the game under any difficulty level.
  • Unlock the alternate costume for Kratos : Complete the Challenge of the Gods to unlock new outfits.
  • Unlock Easy Mode : During a game, die and have several resurrections use to unlock this new difficulty level.
  • Unlock God Mode : Finish the game under any difficulty level to unlock this new difficulty level.
  • Special Uniforms
  • McKratos : Complete 5 missions of the Challenge of Hades.
  • Mime of War : Finish the game in God.
  • Spud of War : Finish the game on any difficulty level.

Complete Guide :

  1. The Aegean
  2. The doors of Athens
  3. The road to Athens
  4. Place in Athens
  5. The roofs of Athens
  6. The temple of the oracle
  7. Sewers of Athens
  8. The Desert of Lost Souls
  9. The Temple of Pandora
  10. Rings of Pandora
  11. The Challenge of Atlas
  12. The Challenge of Poseidon
  13. The Challenge of Hades
  14. The cliffs of insanity
  15. The tomb of the architect
  16. The routes of Hades
  17. The final battle

The Aegean Sea

On the boat, fight against the few living dead
until a new raft landed a previously sealed door. Get rid of those few
newcomers, then get off by hammering the trap button R2. Open the chest
by pressing R2 button to get a little life, and break a few objects
(i.e. barrels) to retrieve orbs (think systematically breaking objects
to retrieve various items throughout the game).

Go forward and clear the way by hitting the
rubble. Continue straight, you will soon make you attack a hydra. Set
him his account while being careful to protect yourself by using the L1
button during each of
his bouts. Once
stunned, start the reaction sequence (circle button) and run the right
buttons that appear on the screen. Admire the effectiveness of Kratos,
and once cleared the path, continue your progress on the beams to reach
the platform opposite. Go on then left, then advance to the cell where
a man refuses your help. Go away and take the steps that precede the
cell. Collect the contents of the trunk and then continue along the
corridor, smashing debris. Open the door to continue. In the following,
enjoy it in all harpies (and why not humans if it amuses you).

A hydra will then again you seek noises. Beware
when it slammed his head on the ground and dodge using the right analog
joystick. Subsequently, the beast will try two or three times to eat
you. At this point, hammer the circle button for Kratos knocks him out
with elegance. Take advantage of this opportunity then to hit the
floor. Repeat as many times as necessary until the creature takes
flight. Then go get the two chests hidden by stone walls that you will
raise on the right, then jump into the hole that the hydra has left
leaving. Swim straight ahead and climb the netting, climb up to the
boat where some living dead warmly welcome you. Then take the broken
mast to get on another ship.

Take the opportunity to make a detour to the
right to reclaim the chest full of red orbs. The second ship reached, a
sailor will tell you two words before he died pierced by an arrow. Back
then get the cash to push a big kick on the right side of the boat.
Hurry up and get it moving again using your little feet. Once towed up
archers you strafe, climb over to reach the small piece of netting that
you will vanquish your attackers. Dine with the chest then continue
your journey. Go through the small corridors of the ship to arrive at a
door where you hear women call for help. Unfortunately for these
ladies, you can rescue them yet. Take therefore wide in front, then
climb the net. Get rid of enemies, and once reached the top, take the
left pole to retrieve the chest filled with red orbs. Then use the rope
to pull up next ship (it smells burned on the hands:). Break the
barriers in order to retrieve the chests and continue your journey.
Talk to Poseidon, then get rid of some dead live by using your new
power. Continue to reach the second save point. Then go right and take
the chests before climbing the net to challenge the Hydra go
accompanied by a slightly more impressive …

To crush your enemies, make use of the same
tactics cited above, and then when they are stunned, stop them climbing
over the pulley above the boxes. Remember to use your new power in this
battle. Once the two smaller offset, shift to large climbing on the net
to reach. There tickle his nose with great blows of blade. Take heed to
his repeated attacks against which your care can unfortunately not much
not to say anything. Opt instead for a while ducking side using the
right analog joystick … Once the monster stunned, hit the pole as
many times as you can. Repeat until it breaks, then rebuilt the last
time to start handling the reaction sequence that you will finish the

Then go visit his throat and grab the key to
the captain. Take a step back and climb on the pile of boxes on the
right to reach the platform. Take the chests and get the rope back on
another boat. Save your progress, then you get rid of your enemies.
Continue through the small net and go to the captain’s cabin previously
inaccessible. Finally, cross the hallway and open the door to end this
first level already rich in adventures.

The doors of Athens

After the workout comfort! Collect some red
orbs through service to the two lovely ladies, then advance to the
point of saving … Follow the only possible outcome and steal the
contents of the boxes before climbing the ladder. Above, get off the
ship by the bridge. Many enemies will stand in front of you then. Kill
them until the last to continue.

The opening ceremony ended, go to the next
dock, then win the broken wooden bridge. Take your left and cross the
rubble. Jump into the water and climb on the platform. Find the chest
and then retrace your steps to this time take the elevator. Go ahead
and battle the Minotaur that you cut off the road. Continue until the
second elevator. Kill the two big soldier in armor, and then retrieve
the contents of two safes hidden nearby. Continue into the unknown, you
will arrive quickly in a sort of engine room.

Then break the wooden boxes located below the
large cubic stone so that Kratos can climb them without difficulty. One
is at the bottom of the pile in the middle of the room and another in
the stack at the bottom left. Climb the blocks of stone, then jump cell
stack to reach two chests. Then go back on the stack the middle and
jump on that side. Be sure to interest you in the safe before climbing
the ladder. Then find the goddess Aphrodite, which you arrange a
tip-off with the queen of the Gorgon Medusa.

To overcome without too much trouble using the
technique plume of Prometheus (square, square, triangle …) and the
wrath of Poseidon. The battle ended, continue your journey by climbing
to the large scale (three-quarter-scale, double jump chained the "rage
of Hermes" (R1 in the air) to reach a safe extra). When you come to the
top, use the crossbow to destroy the wall of the building. Two boxes
will appear. Forsake them for the moment and then shift the crossbow on
the left with the handle used to operate. Again, use it to destroy! Go
get their hands on the chest, then aim to present the doors. Do
everything and then jump back up. Continue forward in the corridor now
accessible. At first fork, turn left and go down the ladder. Killing
three people alive and get the chest. Then lift the gate and then go
back through the ladder. Come back when your steps to borrow another
which takes you even higher. From the balcony, remove all the things
you block the road and climb the wall on your left. Please step on the
wooden tower located to the left so you can jump on the roof where the
two previously released chests await wisely. Win back the balcony
taking this time grid.

Then climb to the summit. Follow the prescribed
route, and walk along the ledge to get behind the statue. Use the R2
button to take the next step. Then use the head of the statue you climb
onto the roof. Kill the Gorgon before getting to the next level and
eliminate the welcoming committee. The landscape clear, destroy the
towers on the left so you can use it to climb higher. Then use the
crossbow to pull you to the next building. Take the first arrow to
break the door and then remove the minotaurs. The path now cleared,
take the scale and get everything and go below to follow the extension
of the corridor. Finally, find the oracle to answer his request.

The road to Athens

Climb all the stairs and you find yourself
facing an enemy rather large, it is Ares … But you do not need to
worry because it do not even notice. Go your way and run a backup. Turn
left to go to athens.

After the wrath of Ares, take the right path.
Of the two minotaurs, turn one of your enemies into stone to open the
gate by placing it on the correct location. Behind the pile of rubble
resting on the rubble to jump from roof to roof until you reach the
first safe above.

Go down and search all the houses next to empty
the chests there. After several confrontations, you quickly arrive at
the foot of a stone dam. Do not be fooled and annihilate it. Then jump
rope to get to the second part of the road (remember the box to the
left of the second string by the way). Move to the fountain to finish.

The temple of the oracle

Go forward until you see again the oracle
prisoner of harpies. You will then fight in the arena closed these
creatures more powerful than before, and more, along with some sea fans
… The harpies you throw some species of fireballs, dodge them with
the right analog joystick obviously very useful in the soft! Once you
overcome an old man will share some revelations…

Take the chests before the temple and save your
progress. Then enter inside the temple and prepare to face off again
harpies. A steady stream will flow holes in the wall. Block the
openings faster by helping the two stone statues. Continue climbing to
the floor, and lift the gate nearby. Win the opposite bank, keeping the
balance beams (do not forget the chest in the glass enclosure on the
left). On the other bank, continue your journey into the unknown.

Follow the corridor and find the oracle to help
him. Enter then the two statues and stack them one on one with the
elevator. You will then be possible to climb the foliage and to rescue
the oracle. Enjoy no time limit for taking a look around, just to
identify the two chests hidden behind the stone walls that you must
destroy first. Then go to the foliage and get ready to slightly
accelerate the pace to pick up the oracle as quickly as possible. The
oracle rescued, follow the path shown by him and then advance to the
next save point. Then make a detour to the steps up. These will lead
you to a strange monument. Do not worry about it yet and you more
interested in chest on your right. Then go back on your feet and walk
along the giant sword in the direction of the statue. Finally, go down
the stairs to get into the sewers of Athens.

Sewers of Athens

In the beginning, take the chests and then
follow the path to be greeted by a brigade of the living dead. Continue
to drain while breaking the monster (still taking care of the Cyclops).
Once you reach the end, climb down the stairs and then go turn the
crank for the rest of the staircase is revealed. You will then find the
road to Athens. Climb the stairs and take this time the trail will lead
you right to the gates of the desert (do not forget the chest hidden
behind the right door).

The Desert of Lost Souls

Move up to the statue of Athena. This will
explain where to find Pandora’s box. Point yourself in the desert along
a straight path from Athens to an altar where you will find the first
of three sirens (trust to his song for the return). Go towards the left
(from the altar), and continue west along the border that will lead to
two chests. Follow the songs to find the second of three sirens (beware
it will be accompanied this time), then walk along the ledge to reach
the altar. From this, get to the center of the desert to find the final

Back then before the altar and take the chests
before descending the stairs that lead you to the front of a treadmill.
Stop it by dragging two rocks in its mechanism, then use a rock to last
you climb onto the next platform. Lift the stone door and continue your
journey to arrive at a horn. Then blow it in for you makes its way
through the sandstorm, as Moses removing his arm the Red Sea (which
culture?:). Climb the stairs, take the chests, then head to the second
horn will disappear in a sandstorm as soon as you approach. Some sirens
will then avenge the previous three. Make sure to welcome them with
dignity. The case settled properly, blow the horn to end.

The Temple of Pandora

Save your progress and move on deck. Go to the
right of way to pass under the bridge, and move up ‘the wall unfolds.
Pull it up and let go up so quickly climb over. Then discuss with the
corpse for it opens the doors of the temple, then face down the horned
Cyclops. The raw rolled, climb up the temple door to pick up all the
chests and then turn the lever to open the door. In the first room,
kill the living dead emerging from the ground and then open the next
door using the R2 button.

Rings of Pandora

Upon your arrival at the temple, go down below
and find the first issue fraught with pitfalls. Walk to the end and
operate the lever on the platform between the two statues. This will go
down to a platform equipped with another lever inside the same room.
Then go turn the lever to move the walls next to an exit. Then take the
second exit and talk to the goddess Artemis for it offers his blade …

The Challenge of Atlas

In the corridor, continue to the point of
backup. Enter the large room, and remove all occupants on the premises.
Climb the stairs in the ruins and follow the path imposed. Get rid of
the archers and try to move the beams keeping the balance. Then go to
the bottom right corner of the room to retrieve a box and start the
same time a crank. This is a rope you will reach the bottom of the
abyss. There, you disembark in the heart of a clash between the men in
the living dead. Go through the tightrope to get to the other side and
remove all who come your way.

Climb the stairs and pick up the Shield of
Hades. A trap then get underway. Avoid finishing pureed and fight
quickly before the end of the deadly countdown begins at the same time
as the battle. Once the challenge successfully walk away with the
shield of Hades to reach the platform of arrival. Go back to the rope
and head to the right. Kill all the monsters, take the case of stones
with you and take it to the edge of the steps towards the revolving

Get back to it so as to push the stone box of a
single kick. Win quickly then the door. Climb the ladder once you’ve
shot your enemies. Then cross the beam to retrieve the shield of Zeus.
Do not forget the chests and then descend into the room for you in the
bottom left.

Open the door with the two shields and then
directly down the stairs on the right so you can be guided to the next
save point. Then go up the ladder, you’ll look in a room where the
toothless wheel pass at full speed under your nose. Stay alert if you
want to survive! Take your right and destroy the wall that prevents you
from passing.

Decimate the living dead and take care of the
walls trying to make you a sandwich. Reaching the end, climb the stairs
in front and walk along the bridge and eliminate the harpies. Climb the
wall to the far right and start climbing the route (remember the boxes
located at the foot of the wall). You will then arrive promptly before
a lever. Operate it for a chain falls to the ground and use it as a
rope. Climb higher and get the chests. Descend on the intermediate
platform and get ready to fight monsters in an arena that will collapse
after a certain period of time. Try to get it over with. Then retrieve
the handle of Atlas and through the chain, down low to save. Come back
then in the room toothless wheel, and open the gate using two levers
(the first being located in the outside left of the screen and the
second in the bottom right of the screen).

Use the momentum of Hermes (R1) to move
quickly. Faced with the crack, follow the wall on the side to reach the
opposite shore. Lift the stone wall to find yourself in the room
adorned with a statue of Atlas, where you’ll also well received. Once
the courtesy to these gentlemen made, use the handle to complete the
crank and turn it until Atlas, the Titan condemned to support degrading
the land above his head, take this giant ball in hand . Retire now and
take the stairs on your right. They will take you to the floor or you
can operate a lever.

Atlas then throw his ball that it bursts
through the door that prevented you formerly passed. You can now access
the tomb of the son of the architect. Open the tomb and pull the head
of the rotting carcass. Then get off the ladder and cross the tunnel
dark and gloomy. You emerge into a room that normally you should speak.
Come back in the ring with the Pandora’s skull as your key
(keyhole-shaped skull). Climb the trap stock for access to the ladder.
Take the chests and save before continuing.

The challenge of Poseidon

Move into the arena where you will fight a pack
of dogs with three heads. After this confrontation, the two dogs
ripping that bar your path, then go kill the brigade of archers. Then
finish the few monsters that remain in the background so that the
transition is fully paid. Arrived in the room, toggle lever to access
the next issue. Four treasures available to you, and you should be
careful and quick to benefit from these four chests of red orbs. Here’s
how to proceed without too much difficulty. When the coffers are
beginning to appear even before the gate lowers do, you stick with it
and move to the chest. Open it in haste, then move back quickly with
the right analog joystick (if you drag too, is impaled on the stakes
that you will eventually).

Take the next issue to pursue. Kill the living
dead who will stand before you and then climb through the ledge on your
left. Above, walk along the ledge on the right to recover one of two
keys of the muses. Then make machines back now and walk along the ledge
on the left to continue. Kill the minotaurs that you block the passage
and move up part of the living dead in cages.
Filez in the back room and grab the handle on the floor. Then go to
complete the lever below the cages, and turn the crank to get one of
them. Mount the cage to offer its content in sacrifice. Then put it on
the slot end (near the door) and a mechanism will be triggered. Adjust
the cooking according to your own tastes and then descend into the
underground tunnel leading straight to the trident of Poseidon! This
allows you to breathe underwater indefinitely.

Save your game and go visit the kingdom of
Poseidon. Remember the two boxes located on each edge of the room where
you can reach through the ranges, then swim down the underwater gallery
right. Destroy the stone walls pressing the R1 button. Once after a
pack of dogs will be present to greet you. Let them know that you like
cats then advance to the door opposite to find a lever that you must
activate it. Back in the hall of the statue of Poseidon, continue your
way and deal with harpies take passage freshly released (in back of
room) so you can climb into a gallery more in height. Come on then
straight ahead, then back into the water. In the depths and find the
naiad press round that Kratos takes the initiative to deal with it. Go
away and get even lower.

Take the end on your right and head toward the
wall half damaged. Finish destroy it and press circle to come in
contact with the Naiad. A magic pen you will be given as a reward. Take
the left and break the face to the few living dead. Break the opposite
wall to retrieve the second key of the muses and retrace your steps to
this time, turn left and cross the gallery now trapped in well down the
R1 button. Continue in the gallery and springs of water to fight
against the few monsters in the sitting room. This will release a
lever. Operate it and retrace your steps into the sitting room where a
mural of Poseidon.

Move straight ahead and save. Break the wall on
your left and kill the nymph. Climb to the top of the gallery to find
some extra red orbs, then return to savepoint previously met. Choose
this time the move right then down while taking care of the traps.
Continue until you reach a new room. Get rid of minotaurs and activate
the central lever.

Then retrieve the riches at the foot of the
statue. Select again the central lever and go down to the most
important pillar (under water so) to discover the elevator exit, which
takes you to a gallery you borrow to go again in the room rings
Pandora! Go back to the first part rings Pandora (the largest then) and
make it around to find the lever that you had left behind before the
challenge of Atlas. Turn it until you reach the third issue that is
here before you. Open the door with the keys of the muses and make
hands on the reward of Zeus.

Come back in the second half rings Pandora
(average) and take the stairs that you used to escape a rolling
cylinder now blocked. Take the underwater gallery to go to the Minotaur
room. The main gate pay, destroy the small wall to continue. Save and
then continue straight ahead to finish.

The Challenge of Hades 

The main hall is reached, climb the right wall
to get to the door bearing the image of Hades. It will then offer you a
challenge. Accept it and decimate the centaurs that appear in the areas
indicated by blue circles. A door will open. Go therefore now free
passage, and continue while enjoying the many treasures in the room.

Open the next door and move while taking care
that the ground shifts under your feet, and the arrows coming out of
walls. You then leads into a sort of labyrinth little complex. Turn
left and kill the archer, retrace your steps to take to this right,
then turn left. Remove all monsters present (centaurs, sea fans and
other nice things …), then made a short tour to get the many
treasures that the place holds. Retrace your steps and laminate the
archers. Then turn right, kill the living dead and the Gorgon, and will
take the chest in the back before retracing your steps. Continue
through the elevator on the left and pull yourself above to push the
stone wall (the one with the head of a minotaur). Go get the chests in
the back of the room (watch the ground!)

And then come back on your feet to turn right
once, then a second. Push the stone wall in the same way as the
previous and annihilate the monsters in the room. Retrace your steps,
opening the door with a picture of Hades on it. Take now left then
climb over the trap fail to crush you. Keep up the access road above
the trap where it will be locked at the back of the room. You will then
find in the main hall of the challenge of Hades.

Toggle the button on the ground while walking
just above (it will effectively raise the huge statue of Hades), then
pull the lever at the foot of the statue (and therefore under water)
and rotate his head so that it can cope with the darkness in which you
could not penetrate. The illuminated area becomes available. Advance in
this new maze while avoiding the rocks. Once reaching the end, you
emerge into a new room full of enemies. Struggling valiantly against
these intruders then leave open the third door on the left. Continue
and you will soon encounter two new minotaurs, kill them before making
the transition from the right.

Explode the archers and then come back on your
feet to turn left and use the rope to go to the other end of the arena.
Get rid of monsters and then continue into the unknown. Climb higher to
keep track of the long corridor (not to mention the chest to your left)
and continue until you find the beams on the ceiling of the hall. Go
through the narrow passage (do not panic if you do it repeatedly,
Kratos is a brute not a balancing act!). Remember the path in many
boxes. The course finished, you can get off with a Tyrolean rope. Then
take the bridge and the corridor to move the lever that opens the door
of the room and wake Minotaur at the same time an old friend …

Come back in this room to face the Minotaur.
Get close then the door to get acquainted with a worthy opponent! To
win, you need first to blow his armor. Do not rub directly to him and
step back to the bottom part of the platform to the fire.

It is useless to try to operate the lever to
knock him out with wood because it will react immediately to protect
himself. Chain up your most devastating combos to defeat his armor.
Repeat by using magic if needed and wait until the appearance of round
to start the execution phase reflex. Realize when handling shown on the
screen to knock him out and take the opportunity to send him a piece of
wood in the face by turning the lever at the bottom left on the

Employ the same ploy that is until the beam is
broken, then finish your enemy with the regular. Then go through the
back door left in the gate and up the stairs to go to snatch the second
skull of the second son of the architect. Come back in the room and go
talk to Hades so that gives you the fourth and last power. Get rid of
enemies that you will provide first-hand to test this new weapon and
then back through the rings of Pandora by the underwater gallery that
you used to come here.

The Challenge of Hades

Use the skull to open the last door of the
Rings of Pandora. All the water will disappear and then you will
understand that we need to activate the radius of the back room to send
it to you. So lift the door now open, and rotate the third part of the
ring so that it matches the room from where the ray. You will just have
to turn the central statue to the two diamonds come face to face.
Select the radius of the back room that the statue can take you to your
final destination with its beautiful elevator built!

The cliffs of insanity

Arriving on the platform, get to know new
monsters on the scene and then advance to the engagement of the
kinematics. Then go save your progress, then take the chests in the
small room right before proceeding to the cliffs of insanity. Walk up
the rope and use it to descend. Take the elevator, then take on your
right. Jump on the rocks in order to advance into the tunnel and go
fight the many monsters you’ll encounter a little further. The victory
gained, climb on the wooden walkway to remove the remaining enemies.


Enter you then the contents of the trunk and
back down below to use the crosswalk located on the left. You arrive
promptly before a new lift. Climb aboard, save if you want, then get
off the rock in your right to build a bridge between the two platforms.
Go back then to use the tunnel. There, a new challenge will stand
before you. In a limited time, move the rock into the back of the room
to escape certain death. It will do more than go retrieve the necklace
of Aphrodite that the mechanism is free and allows you to backtrack.
Then take the path right and down along the passage decorated with a
Minotaur head with red eyes.

Cross then the gallery to the two rotating
platforms and ride on the first. Decimate the fews off with a few well
placed lightning, then rotate the first platform to have enough time to
put you at the end of it and jump to the next without problem. Continue
forward until you return back along the cliff and climb to your right
to return the necklace of Aphrodite in his place. : Take your right to
go steal some extra orbs. Continue through the underwater gallery until
you unearth the hidden fountain. Destroy the walls to find other orbs
then return to the location of the two statues.

Go then to the left and move up the ladder. Go
down one level and move up the rope. Use it and get right in front of
you until you shut up with a bunch of ugly not beautiful. Cut them in
slices to show your displeasure then walk up the piece of the puzzle
that you must restore to get the necklace of Hera. Here is how to seize

Take the big "L" reversed (or the big "1" as
you want) at the bottom left and place it on the turning mechanism,
activate the lever to rotate it twice consecutively and then place it
at the bottom left on the table.

Seize then the "C cedilla" and rotate it twice so it can sit on the piece right.

Then put the large bar at the bottom right and
take the "T" to the left. Give the recess and right now between the "C
cedilla" and "L" in reverse.

It’ll just set the bar mean you grab the collar of Hera.

Go back outside and take a right. Climb the
ladder, previously inaccessible, and climb the wall to begin a journey
upward. At the intersection, turn left to get the chests then then take
the path of right. Go and put the necklace on the statue of Hera, and
then climb on the mechanisms to reach the other shore. You can now
enjoy a new cinematic that will tell you more about the haunted past of
our hero. Come on and play Tarzan in the air through the ropes and take
before retrieving the box of Pandora.

The tomb of the architect

Move on mobile platforms while avoiding the
wheels toothless. On the other hand, will take possession of the statue
on your left and take it on the right bank. Leave it at that point yet,
and lift the gate opposite to engulf you. Take the passage and up the
stairs. Go to the roof of the building to face the hounds with their
nice doggies and then climb the ladder to retrieve the right boxes.
Take the ladder to climb opposite then the crane.

Enter the chests that you could reach up and
get this machine to go back to position the crane above the underpass
on your left (where you filed before the statue). Then take the stone
down at the end of the crane to clear the way and then made again
rotate the crane in order to drop the stone on the button a little more
right. The manipulation has the effect of opening the first of three
gates of the grave. Get going and then position the statue on the
button located in the basement room, now free to access. Open the
second of three doors, then retrace your steps.

Finally, will activate the last button to open
the third door and enter inside the tomb while taking care of the
toothless wheel. Go behind the woman and pull her head (it will act as
key later in the game).

Move up to the building (not to mention the
coffers right), then enter inside the building. Then get off the spiral
staircase to reach the treadmills. The many enemies in this area then
choose to attack you. With the blade of Artemis, the archers shoot
sitting on small platforms. Keep also in motion to avoid the flames.
The battle finished, the gods will be yours! Push the box to trigger
the cinematic.

The routes of Hades

Skip platform to platform, and turn right at
the fork (do not forget to retrieve the same time across the chest). Go
then to your left (again a safe is to get close) and remove the dead
from the living straight from hell. Come on down logs adorned with
several rotating blades and climb above to start the course. Remember
to visit every corner of the trail so as not miss any safe.

You stroll over, go to the save point and then
jump on the mobile platforms to be able to kill the archers who annoy
you. Then kill all the monsters of the area and then climb on the
pillar corner. Some pillars above, save your progress and then climb on
the towers below to reach the next platform. Here you fight against the
living dead to show the steps you will outrun you. Climb the rope
thrown to you, then regain the land through the falls that the old man
gently dig just for you

The final battle

Advance in the temple of the oracle and
eliminate the many enemies who will rub you. Continue forward until you
find the Oracle of Athens. The horrible reality discovery, go to avenge
the girl who deserved a less tragic fate. Go down the stairs and go
meet your ultimate enemy. Drink the magic potion of Pandora’s box that
Kratos becomes as big as his enemy. Face it while in the small arena
that is here before you. To overcome it, no need to go around the bush,
analyze how well it performs its combos to better plan your evasion
(long live the joystick right) and select, input, attack with the
Hades’ weapon and your blades of chaos.

This will have the effect of making you a part
of the magic needed for this attack. Finally, when the enemy will
launch his meteor attack, run quietly in the arena to avoid being hit.
Its gauge of life came to nothing, the devil will succeed in locking up
your mind. You then rediscover the moment of greatest failure of
Kratos. Save your family from the clutches of a bunch of angry Kratos
to continue (through orbs earned cons Ares finish to complement your
weapons and use all available means to annihilate Kratos raging).

Think also give time to time a little life to
your family. An enormous amount of patience. This is what you need to
succeed before this ordeal because Kratos are numerous and extremely
powerful attacks. Once the challenge successfully, you must face the
last time the god of war in a duel with swords! Again, be sure to watch
the attacks of your opponent not suffer the least amount of damage
through dodging. Once the enemy destroys, look at the cinematic that
follows, and finally ending with the approval of the gods, will occupy
the throne of Ares on Mount Olympus!


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