God of War II Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

The apostles of God of War which followed the
adventures of the ghost of Sparta since the early already know, Kratos
was sacred God of War after having saved Athens from the clutches of
Ares. An anecdotal divine status for our anti-hero who decides to
conquer Greece with its loyal Spartans, using the powers have recently
been conferred by the gods of Olympus to sow terror and chaos. Asked to
calm passions by his prudish Athena, the rabid bat seems to have
trouble finding the eternal serenity, and finally yielded to the lure
of violence by making itself the scene of the crime for the fatal blow.

It was not counting on a providential
intervention which brings Kratos to a more conventional human size, as
more dangerous because it will have to deliver a Homeric battle against
the Colossus of Rhodes and her thirty meters bronze. Zeus took
advantage of the physical imbalance to convince Kratos to use the blade
of Olympus, only weapon that can knock his opponent who is already in
the Hall of Fame boss.

Like any great game-respecting, God of War II
was entitled to its launch party, at least in some countries, like
Greece where the event has generated controversy fairly rough.
Mythology requires the organizers of the evening found nothing better
than displaying a decapitated goat on an altar to immerse guests in the
ambience of ancient Greece. Photographed and then released in the pages
of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the animal death has aroused the
anger of animal protection organizations, but especially the Daily
Mail, powerful enough to compel Sony Computer

Entertainment and the Future Group, publisher
of the magazine, simply remove the plate considered shameful. However,
certain "privileged" can access the photo as Future said that only
subscribers have already received their copies. An inquiry is obviously
conducted against the organizers to know the reasons for such slippage.
The latter still held to clarify that the goat was purchased "as is"
and no barbarous act has been practiced on animals.

The Complete Guide  :

Basic Tips

  • Destroy all the objects you can, because you get red orbs, which are essential to increase the power of your weapons.
  • Once you run out of power, and until you have a combo, the most effective attack is to use the square – square – triangle. 
  • The hammer is a very powerful weapon, but is slow, has limited scope and can not shoot, so keep that in mind when using it. 
  • The
    Golden Fleece is a very useful object should not be used solely to
    solve puzzles. Use it to refract enemies ranged attacks and even the
    melee, after which pressing can make a good square wave. 
  • The Spear of Destiny, though it may seem useful, it is not. Do not waste your time or the red orbs with her.


As a hard time getting enough red orbs to
improve everything, I will suggest the order you must follow when you
improve your skills and weapons, so the game does not make you
impossible. First, you must improve your Blades of Athena to its
maximum level. Until you do, do not use orbs in all the other things.

Secondly, it improves your bow to the maximum level, as their secondary skills you will be really useful when killing enemies.

Third, improving the earthquake of Atlas to the
utmost, and to help you in a hurry at the most: in heads and when
dozens of enemies surrounding you.
The other skills do not be too useful once you progress through the
game, but if you’ve done all the above and are still accumulating red
orbs, the hammer is a good choice.


Urns: how to find

In the Palace of Rhodes early in the game.
There is a statue of a Pnajaro have to use to make weight and fit
through doors. Once past the first door, the bird breaks the statue.
Then drag the block on the path to the bottom right. Top three chests
have: two with red orbs and one with the Urn of Gaia.

URN of the Gorgons
Immediately after obtaining the golden fleece. Back to the film that
launched you will petrifying rays (just the door on entering the
temple). Now use the fleece with little rays to destroy all the walls
and get treasures, including the urn.

Having collected the Spear of Destiny. You’ll see a statue to slow
time. Push the statue on the hill and leave the pond. Cross over and
activates the amulet. Now run back and go for the three chests those
who could not come because you closed the door. In one of them is the
Urn of Olympus.

When in Atlas, just after destroying many nests of big birds. Go
destroying all stalactites. Two of them opened a hole in the ceiling.
In the first box you’ll find two chests: one with red orbs and one with
the Urn of Prometheus.

URN of the Fates
Unlock the Challenge of the Titans. To do this, you have to spend the
game once. Once the Challenge of the Titans, you must finish with a
score of Mortal or higher to unlock the Urn of the Fates.

In the Challenge of the Titans, terminals with a range of Spartan or higher to get the Urn of Poseidon.

Kill all the soldiers will leave and exit the door on the left. Kill
the soldiers, advance and go through the hole in the wall. Go up the
stairs and jump off the balcony. Go kill the soldiers who are you and
when the giant slap (Equal rolling with the right stick), make him the
L1 + triangle combo. Do it as many times as you need until it looks
tired. Climb to the left and shoot the catapult. Back to Montarto you
and use it to load it by pressing circle. Now you have to do a mini
game to hurt. Luck and reflexes.

Salt to the surface and breaks the two "walls"
Folding for red orbs and a small original sex minigame. Once done, use
R1 to dive and push off and destroy the barrier. Salt to the surface,
climbs onto the platform, up the stairs and save the game.

RHODES bathhouse

Activate the lever and hook up and use R1 to
swing and X to jump across. Go up, opens the door and kill the
soldiers. Go upstairs and watch out for repeatedly press circle to keep
the giant crush you. On the left is a red chest and one that exchanges
between blue and green. Go up the crumbling stairs and then follow up
the wall. When you can go left, jump and open the red chest. Back up to
the wall and continues to rise. When you see the giant, when you can
jump on him.

The Colossus will attack basically two ways: by
making a sweep with the arm (rolling to the opposite side of the arm if
you use the left arm, go to the right) or with a blow to the ground (by
double jump at the right time, walking away as much as possible or,
better, using magic).

Your best bet is to do is go to the right and
use R1 to jump across. From there, go to your hand and stand on the
corner. Use the magic and support it by pressing circle. You can also
attack him with a good combo (the best on this occasion is L1 +
Triangle) on the hand, when the supports. Finally, when you’re tired,
go to your hand, press Circle and make the sequence that you check the
game correctly.

Back to the right (easier) and do the same.
After that, the colossus will trap you in your hands and try to crush
you, so you have to do to stop pressing force alternatively R1 + L1. If
you are not sufficiently supported command in your leg and use your
thumbs. Open the door and proceeds to the savepoint.

Avanza killing the soldiers until you reach a switch on the floor. On
your left is a statue. Take it, and nonlinear with the switch. Keep
pushing the statue until your feet are on the edge of the button. Now
push the statue with a kick and quickly wheel below the door.

Once past the first door, the bird breaks the statue. Then drag the
block on the path to the bottom right. Top three chests have: two with
red orbs and one with the Urn of Gaia.  Put the statue on the switch
and enters another. Kill the soldiers and progresses to an elevator.
Before uploading, open a chest with red orbs.

Go up to the bottom right and double jump up to
the broker. Move forward to the end and there, kill all the archers and
soldiers. When you do, open the door, grab the chest and break the
glass. Drop to the ground and kill soldiers and archers who are a
little to the left. Now go back, up the stairs and now it balances for
timber beam until you reach the savepoint.

 East Wall
Go down the chain, kill the soldiers and replenishes your magic and
life. Salt and runs without losing a second and get ready. Do not go
out like a madman to take the road of Olympus. The Colossus will attack
you in several ways: by creating a shock wave (using double jump) or
with a beam of energy (just do not get in their way).  When everything
is clear, go to the hand right there and use R1 to throw. While the
Colossus is stunned, go to the sword and transfer it part of your

From now on, please just to the left of the sword and use double jump
to avoid attacks of the colossus. While you’re still in the air for
double jump, use triangle to make several attacks. Repeat this until
you weaken and transferring power back to the sword.

Do the same until you get the sword to boot.
The giant, wounded, on his arm. Do not approach or the other will
attack you. Get to a safe distance and use L1 + triangle to throw sword
beams. Do this until you exit the circle above the colossus, at which
time you must go to him and press circle.
Go forward through the inside of the colossus and is killing the
soldiers until you cannot go further. Go through the beam strikes the
left and center column using R1. Progresses, Hang cord from the wall,
go left and hang the rope from above to proceed. Once the beam is to
the left, attacks the spine and use R1. Continue, kill the soldiers and
Hit the circle of the center column to move to the left twice and
destroy the chains and then use R1.

Go up the rope, jump to the platform and looks
forward to the right. Go up the stairs and activate the lever. Low and
attacks the pendulum has declined to move. Rises quickly and returns to
give the lever. Now get hooked to the rope and when the pendulum block
the rays of the eyes, takes to pass. Avanza, the beam jumps and attacks
the press lately R1 chains and end the colossus. Returns quickly and
exit the mouth.

Now come closer to the sword. Do not try to do
anything, since you cannot do anything in the fight against Zeus. 
Avanza destroying the clutches of Hades upward toward the right, up and
up. After your second flight of Hades (playing God of War), go to the
second soldier from the ground starting from the savepoint and talk to
him. Save your game and sit back on Pegasus.

Pegasus and Typhon

Just go forward while you’re killing all the taps. Sweeps to the left
or right (L1 or R1) are quite effective, so use them. Finally, get to
the lair of the Titan.

Kill the birds and low. On the right you have a green box. Baja and
take the gorgon eye and red orbs. Back up and attacks the finger that
will close the road. Go on and down the wall, killing the soldiers that
will appear. Keep right and continue until you reach a savepoint.

Advance and kill the Minotaur to get the green orbs. Continue to the
bottom and grab the red orbs. Go back a bit and destroy the box that
appears to Montarto shining on the rope to the other side. Salt and
hurry to break the platforms where the archers are uploaded. Kill them
with the minotaurs and rises to the top. Take the green and red orbs
and climb on the chain to the other side. Go to the right to know the
story of Prometheus. Attack it until it hangs and down the chain. Go to
the far right and down the wall, kill the soldiers, open the red chest
and save the game.

Fire from Olympus

Moves to the right of all to get a gorgon eye.
Now climb the wall to enter a skull-shaped cave. Avanza and use R1 to
reach the other side. Go to the right and kill the jellyfish. Break the
glittering stalactites and block your way and moving around. Grab the
orbs and save your game.


Scroll down until you see Typhoon to throw you
into the abyss. The question is simple: when you stop blowing, move
forward to a stone to protect you from the wind, so to be safe.
Arrive at a site with a large piece of ice that shine and a path to the
left. Go through the path on the left and look at the stake there.
Throw all the enemies you go to the stake (get it with a circle and
throw with square). Finally, the stake will be large enough to melt the
snow that covers four boxes: three with red orbs and one with a phoenix
feather. By now you should have enough red orbs to increase your Blades
of Athena level.

Use R1 and circle to make a bridge to the rock
and moving through it. At the end, press R1 to get the Typhon Bane. Use
your new weapon to shoot the other eye and make you stop back by the
bridge. Kill the enemies and use the bow to kill the archers shoot you
from afar. Now go right and use the bow with the glowing box. Before
advancing, killing three enemy archers waiting for you on the other
side. Now use R1 to jump from hook to hook into the jungle where the
archers were. Destroy the rocks and advanced to the savepoint.

Now you just have to leave the cave. Once
outside, shoot the glowing box on the left and use R1. Now go to
Prometheus and shoot with the bow to release him from his martyrdom.
You’ll now get the Fury of the Titans. Kill the enemies and head right
to climb some rocks. Shoot the box is up and climb the rope. Avanza and
go through the chain to the left, until at last come to a door that
will sound, since you came around. Use the Rage of the Titans (click
both analog sticks) to destroy the door. Advances through the wall and
ceiling and eventually reach the hand of the Titan, where prisoner
Pegasus. Use the Rage of the Titans and attacked all five fingers until
they retire. Get on and hop on the Pegasus.


Nothing you have not done already. Dedicate
yourself to kill taps until you reach the leader. I recognize it before
you go into a wind tunnel and you should avoid bursts of energy that
throws you. When you get to him, you have to press circle repeatedly to
avoid falling down and then make a sequence of buttons. Once you
defeat, you will begin to fall. Stay tuned because at one point asking
you to push a button. Finally, you’ll be hooked on the wall. Upload.


Once up, go to the left to open two chests. Then go to the right and saves the game.
Go up the stairs, kill the enemies and rising. Finally come to a site
with many … "Dogs". Kill them all and then destroys the vessels and
the corpses hanging there, and that will give you red orbs. It is also
open chests with red orbs on the right and find a corpse out there.
Grab it and activate the lever on the left to download. Put the body on
the floor button and drag the handle until it stops. Now run and go
through the doors that have opened. Go to the bridge and throw a kick
by pressing R1.

Back on the bridge and head right to get a
gorgon eye. Now go to the left without stopping until you enter a
courtyard where you will see a three-headed dog and several boys. The
best tactic is to go for the kids and giving circle to throw against
the big. When the circle on the large, go to him, repeatedly press
circle and press circle to extract a head. Do this three times to kill
him and the kids. Destroy all the statues of the right and take the
block that drops one of them to upload. Kill the two dogs, take the red
orbs and save the game.

Cliffs of Lachesis

Get in a hole on the right and down the wall.
Avanza, take the chests and go up the stairs to get hooked to the
ceiling. More and destroys the arc to continue. Kill the enemy and the
archers. Do a double jump to get to where were the archers and go up
the yard. Kill the enemies and activate the lever down the bottom.

Before dealing with the new enemies, head to
the right and climbs a poyeto to climb the chain. Go up the chain and
get hooked to the ceiling, breaks the chain and reaches two chests with
a Gorgon’s eye and red orbs. Also, up to Poyet, you can shoot your
arrows easily and safely.
With the release blue orbs every one to die, almost can weaken to the
next. So, do this until it breaks the door. Grab all the chests and
save your game.

Cross the vast chain to the horses, climb and walk to the left to
activate a lever. Back to the rope you have downloaded and upload it to
a double jump to reach the guardian of the horse. In principle combos
make him square + square + triangle and wheel to prevent them. You can
also shoot. In any case, move and try to keep rolling long distances.

Eventually it will rise to attack you from a distance, so you do the
same attack with your bow. Dodge his blasts rolling and hurry to kill
the minotaurs are you going to get green and blue orbs with which to
continue shooting. Above all remember that the priority is the
guardian, not the minotaurs. Take advantage of the guardian attacks to
try to do that hurts the minotaurs instead of yourself.  Eventually
there will come a time when he will fall, so go quickly to him and used
to circle hook. Now rotate the analog stick to throw and finally
pressed repeatedly circle for the kill.

Before entering the door, down the right for a
Gorgon’s eye and red orbs. Now he turns and walks through the door,
grab the red chest and exit on the right. Go to the bottom to catch a
red chest and then rises. Take the other red chest and go through the
rope. Open the door and hit R1 at the altar of the fund. Receive the
Fury Cronos, so take this time to use with infinite amount of enemies
you come out. When you have killed, exit on the left and up. Go down
the right side to get a phoenix feather, grab the red chest center and
save the game.

Go to the left until you reach the four levers.
Now get ready for a little puzzle: flip the red lever and quickly go
right, up and open the mechanism with R1. Go back and do the same with
the green handle. Before returning to the center, low to open a chest
with a gorgon eye. Come back to center and activating a lever on the
side. Now quickly back up, use R1 to hook up the bird and reaches the
following mechanism. Once you open the four mechanisms, which were the
levers back and press R1 at the center. When the platform has risen,
press R1 and do the sequence correctly for the horses to move.

Back where you had a confrontation with the
horse guard and kill the enemies. Now just go back through the chain.
Go up the wall, breaks the rubble on the right, up and advanced to the


Log in and destroy the wall to get red orbs. Go
up and right is another chest. Now jump left and get hooked to the
wall. Go left and open the three chests. Hooked and now again down to
the bottom, destroying the wall and open the chest with a phoenix
feather. Now go to the middle and moves on.

To the left of the door, there is a chest with red orbs. Enter the door.

Throw yourself at the bottom and head toward the bottom, but not the
end, but "to you." There you find a gorgon eye. Now go to the pond and
pull you out of the way of adornment. Get in the hole you’ve
discovered, use the drive (R1) to break the seal and up to the statue.
Press R1 to get the Amulet of the Fates. Go back where you were and get
in the ground button. When the blocks have been removed, use the Amulet
of Fates, and make haste to climb the blocks. Now go back down the hall
and step on the floor button. When hands have gone down, again use the
Amulet of the Fates and roll up in their hands. After the sequence,
head to throw strikes and get the two chests on the side. Then you
throw down where my head. 

Kill the enemies (if you want) and destroys the head to continue. Go
get both sides to destroy objects and get red orbs and a Gorgon’s eye.
Then down the stairs.


At first, devote yourself to kill all the boars
with circle to get red orbs and refills the Fury of the Titans. When
you no longer go over, take up attacking the troll. It’s nothing
complicated: attack it with combos square + square + triangle and move
away to avoid their counterattacks. It will end up coming out a circle,
so come closer and hit it. You’ll have to do this three times to kill
him. After two more will you, so you’d better not waste the Clash of
the Titans with the first.

When finished with them, up the stairs closest
to the giant head from the left. Grab the statue and set it to block
one of the beams. Now go to the other side and activate the lever. Go
up the statue to the platform you have downloaded and re-activate the
lever. Climb to the platform and give a hard kick to the statue. Put it
to the other beam and salt to save the game.

The barbarian chieftain and the Golden Fleece


Scroll down until you are passing through an
old friend from the first game. Make the sequence while you’re hooked
on the horse and finally to the melee.
At first, it will attack you carrying his horse, an attack that is easy
to dodge rolling. You also have to be careful about blue shells. Attack
him with your bow, but without attacking as fast as you, or you will
lose many arrows. Attack him with attacks or combos too short to give
you time to escape from their burdens. Finally, you see a circle on it,
so come closer and hit it to kill the horse.
Now you’ll have a more equal battle, but the barbarian chieftain invoke
ghosts, not too hard to kill and that will give you blue orbs. Still,
you have to be careful with the hammer attack, as it removes quite life
and has enough range. Go away with the ghosts until you "run out". The
best time to attack is avoided right after hammer attack.

Now grow in size, good time to use the Rage of
the Titans, but without neglecting your health. Attack it all the time
until you get the former size.  Returned to attack you in a similar way
to when I was in the horse, but now instead of small projectiles, also
will attack you with gusts of souls to which you must avoid shooting at
the last minute. This time, it might be good idea to use the Hercules
spirit attack (triangle + triangle + triangle). Finally, you’ll see the
circle on it, so come closer, squeeze it and get ready to press it
repeatedly and take his hammer. Now you have to make a sequence of
buttons and away you go.

You’ll get the Barbarian Hammer, a powerful
ally replacing the Blade of Artemis, the first God of War. Remember to
switch to hammer swords you use R2. Use R1 to exit the circle and moves


Skip and go to the right to save your game and
goes through jumps until you see a warrior to ask for help. Go to him
and take the wrench that has Euryale. Kill the enemies and go to where
the door was the jellyfish. Go left, grab the red chest and opens the
door.  After crossing over to the right, there is a gorgon eye. Scroll
down until you see a scene you will not like much.

These enemies, although a priori may seem
harsh, they are not so many. Your priority is to remove the small
rider. To do this, you have to use circle and then rotate the left
stick until it tires. Once down, use the circle as many times as you
need it to death. Then, dedicate yourself to attack the Cyclops until
he leaves the circle. Come pinching the eye.

 When finished with all of the dwarves, you can
continue. Go to the ruined temple and pulls the rock to open the door.
It crosses a corner and see a block of stone, destroy it and open the
chest. Continue along the road and eventually you’ll find two chests.
Now return to the opening and destroying the base of the stalactite.
Use R1 to spin and jump across. Do the same again and up the stairs on
the right. Go through the string to the other side and open the two
chests. Lower trunks and jumps when enemies do not shoot. Destroy the
two columns girls and kill them. Now press R1 and do the big
alternatively R1 + L1. Kill all the enemies and go up.

Just up, left and right are chests. Scroll down until you fall in a
circular room. Turn the handle and destroy the wall. Do the same with
the other wall. Stand in the middle of the room and use your bow to
shoot right up. Use R1 to bring up and open the chests. Now go down,
take the corpse to the right and put it in water. Now go to the water
on the left and wait for it to pass by. Take it and put it on the
button. Now go to the center, step on the button and run through the
door and save the game.


Advance and jump to the wheel. Turn the lever
and go kill the enemies you are going. The best thing is that lame with
circle and square hauls with. When you reach the next round, jump and
do the same until you reach the other side. You’ll encounter a bug rock
that, while imposing much, no big deal. Shoot from a distance and dodge
their launches rolling. When you finish the magic, go and make him not
very long combos, so you can dodge their counterattacks. Finally I will
leave the circle in the head to make a sequence and kill him.

Use R1 to pull the trunk and passes. Get on the
rope and crosses to the other side. Open the door and use the Amulet of
the Fates to be able to cross the spinning wheel and come to a tape.
Avanza killing enemies and taking care of petrifying rays. When you
reach the final, broke the wood and use R1 to reach the other side.

Destroy the statues and pull the stone. Low
levels the temple and to be able to ride that rock too. Put the two at
the bottom and pull the temple with R1 and circle. Go through the
temple and get hooked to the wall. Destroy the tree and cross to the
other side. Avanza and talk to the wounded soldier. Take it and kill
the jellyfish. It takes the body to the tape and stuck with him the
mechanism. Follow to the bottom and grab the two chests. Back to the
mechanism and destroy it. Be sure to replenish your life and opens the

This damn thing is in its jaws the Golden
Fleece, wielded by the arm of Jason, who is now in the jaws of the
monster.  Stick to shoot him while avoiding his attacks. Also attack
him with short combos. There is no greater difficulty. When you swallow
the fleece, it will start throwing fire attacks, but nothing special,
rolling as usual. Keep attacking him until he leaves the circle up, so
get close and hit it.

Dead the beast, you get the Golden Fleece
Check the lever and use the fleece to refract the attack and destroy
the wall. Kill the jellyfish, and remember that they too can use the
fleece. Back to the temple you threw. By the way, you’ll see a Ferris
wheel when it has stopped jamming the mechanism. Destroy it and behind
there is a gorgon eye. Continue to the temple. When you arrive, jump to
the right.

URN of the Gorgons

Back to the film that launched you will
petrifying rays (just the door on entering the temple). Now use the
fleece with little rays to destroy all the walls and get treasures,
including the urn. Back to the door wearing long petrifying rays shoot
you when you approached her. Use the fleece to reflect, using circle
and destroy the door. Open the door, kill the enemies and go down the
Now it’s a good fight. Kill all the enemies and continue through the
door has opened. Grab the chest and down by turning the lever. Destroy
the seal on the wall to get a phoenix feather. If you came down the
platform to the bottom, and upload it again until a small space so you
can come. Sit back on the other platform and go jumping the wall ledges
to climb. Kill the enemy and save your game.

Euryale (Medusa) and Perseus


Back up the stairs and broken. Get hooked up to
the wall and dodge the knives. Now you get to the other side. Turn the
lever outside and get through the hole that you open and run without
losing a second. Activate the lever and opens the door to leave
immediately. Go out the columns that you open and break the statue to
read the book. Now get ready.


Here is the sister of Medusa, which killed the
first God of War. At first his attacks are slow and predictable, so
take it to shoot from a distance. When you cast the beam to
petrificarte, uses the golden fleece and circle to refract and get some
blue orbs. Continue attacking it until they retreat to one of the

Now you have to keep close to her driven, but
you will have to be careful with its petrifying beam and attacks with
his tail. As always, it is best to do short attacks and you retire to
avoid its tail, but you can refract with the golden fleece. Another
good idea is now attacking with a hammer, but you will have to be
careful. Eventually that will be tired and a circle, so come over here,
press Circle and turn the left stick to throw in the column.

Now you just have to keep doing the same with
the other column, but now will be more difficult. When you break that
another column, will be angry at you, so prepare to escape and shoot
everything you have. This is the best time to activate the Rage of the
Titans and use against it. Eventually coming out the circle, so make
the sequence until he cuts his head.  Use your new power to petrify and
kill five enemies. Go out the door that opens and saves the game.

Defeat of Euryalus

Advance and you’ll look at several pools. What
you have to do is take a total of five columns, rotating each lever
having at hand.

Sharp sees it first and activate the other
lever. Right now use the Amulet of the Fates and dives through the door
you opened. Salt to the surface, turn the lever and back down into the
water. Turn the two levers and follow you had not gone. Get in, turn
the handle and destroy the door to get a gorgon eye. Dive Propulsion
and uses (R1) to break the door is wood.

Get in, turn the lever and activate the other
lever. Go through the last door you opened and get ready to turn the
lever. Just with all the enemies, rotate and activate the Amulet of the
Fates. Go up the stairs and behind you there are two chests with red
orbs. Back to use the Amulet of the

Fates with the new statue and begins to jump
from column to column, given that the third goes down even more. When
you reach the fifth column, jump right to get red orbs and a phoenix
feather. Hooked again and leaps forward.

Step Up to the platform when you reach the
active lever. Begins to kill dogs, and when you get up, use the circle
to avoid crush you. Do this 3 or 4 times to give time to the gate to
open, then salt. Advances and balances between the wood beam. In the
end, grab the ledge on the right and climb the rope to get red orbs and
a phoenix feather. Low and moves forward. Beat the mass of stone and
leaps forward to reach the savepoint.


Avanza as you prepare to battle a treacherous
skeletons. Go up the stairs, activate the lever and climb to the top.
Go to the mouth that spits fire from the left and use the golden fleece
to refract the attack and to continue there. Take the blue and green
boxes on the right and down.  Avanza killing the enemies and get hooked
once with R1. Climb up the column and grab the two chests. More enemy 
and, when finished, kill all the enemies and go up the stairs.


Kill the annoying enemies (it is best to try to
attack them one by one, divide) and save the game. Open the door and
moves up a good fight. Take care first priest, the best thing is to
attack with circle. When everything is clear, grab the two statues and
one of them mounted on the forklift on the left, the other put it right
next door, but never to climb it. Raise the elevator to the top and
runs to the statue that is rising to use and chock the forklift. Now go
up there.
Open the red chest and up the stairs on the left. Kill the enemies,
grab the chest if you need to fund down the right. To kill two leave
you, I recommend that you use the hammer, by focusing on one. When
finished, remove the stone to you and open the chest up there to get a
gorgon eye. Then, push out and salt.


Push the rock until you can climb a ladder. Go
up and head right to a statue. Destroy the base of the statue and push
the statue down. Now go back to the rays of the eyes and go to the
wood. Open the chests and head right into the door. Kill the enemies
and exit the door to save game.


Drop to the abyss and use R1 to go again until
you get a "balcony". Kill the enemies and at the edge, stepped on a
wooden button. Once they have gone all the roots, use the Amulet of the
Fates and crosses. Throw yourself between the two trees on the right to
find a phoenix feather. Back up and back where you were before. Back to
step on the button, use the amulet and return there again, only now
sees the roots of the left as does the effect of the amulet.
Kill the enemies, press the button on the ground and use the amulet to
cross. Kill the enemies, step on the button, use the amulet and crosses
in order to final destination. Recharge your energy bars and walks
through the door.


At first you will not see Perseus with the
naked eye, so you have to use the splash of water to locate him as well
when using projectiles (which can be refracted). When you think you
have near you, use the L1 + Square attack, as it has enough range. When
you’ve beaten enough, will get tired and then you press circle to
destroy its hull which gives invisibility.

Now you see him, but will move in an agile and
cover most of your attacks. The best thing is to be defensive and
refract their attacks, at which time you will be somewhat vulnerable
and metered some attacks. Also you have to be careful with their glare,
and that will leave you blind for long enough to get next to you and
attack you while you recover. Finally, we will again break the circle
to the sword.

Keep attacking him as before, until they
retreat to the wall. Walk over there and continue attacking until you
get the circle to make the final sequence.

With the shield of Perseus in their hands, go
through the hole you opened and down the chain from which hangs
Perseus. Place the shield of Perseus in before you threw the statue and
place it in the hole in the platform is rising. Turn the lever to raise
and quickly climbs the stairs and use the golden fleece to refract the
other beam. Now get out.

Get in where you go right and jumping ponds.
Finally come to a bridge destroyed. Go up the right wall, activate the
lever and go through the door you opened to get the Spear of Destiny.
Kill the enemies and grab the statue on the right. Put it in the circle
and rotate it to rotate 180 degrees has statue.


Push the statue on the hill and leave the pond.
Cross over and activates the amulet. Now run back and go for the three
chests those who could not come because you closed the door. In one of
them is the Urn of Olympus. Back to leave the statue as it was and get
across the bridge destroyed. Go to the first part, the amulet active
and continues to the savepoint.


Now a good scene, though somewhat complicated.
I cannot tell you more than you have to have reflexes and some luck to
finally make it to the cave.  Once you arrive, kill hard enemies while
moving. Finally, come to a savepoint.


Icarus and Atlas


Scrolls right and face Icarus. It’s a matter of reflexes. Finally to the Titan Atlas, on which rests the earth.


At the bottom left you will find a savepoint.
Go back and climb the nose of Atlas. Go forward using Icarus wings
until you enter a cave. Kill the enemies and attack the "teeth" to
depart. Take out the bones and put them on the left to open two chests.
Now stand facing the hole you opened and take the bones back where they
were, given that you must enter before. Go up there and moving up a
plaque with a stone monster left.


You’ve already faced similar monsters, so you
know how to act. There will come a time when you will orbs, so head
toward the back wall and jump towards it to get hooked.  Now you have
to avoid throwing stones you will. To do this, jump to either side just
at the time when you throw them, either before or after. When the soil
is empty of lava, jump again and is attacking it as the start to kill
him. Take the stone and to the left wall to reach the opening. Jump to
an island on the left with two chests and then to the right (using the
wings). Get to a savepoint to save the game.


It attacks the bones that hold a rock and waits
for Montarto stop there. Destroy the rock and get ready to use R1 and
hooked to jump and glide. Destroy the rock and soil vapor used to gain
height with wings and reach the other side. Now you’ll see a nest of
sparrows emerging explosives. It is best to the very lame and throw
them big birds’ nests to kill two birds with one stone. When you’ve
destroyed all gets a bit backwards, where they were the first nests,
and up. Go through the wall to reach the two chests. Jump to the rest
of the wall and continues to climb. There will come a time when you’re
hanging from the ceiling with various stalactites. 


Go destroying all stalactites. Two of them
opened a hole in the ceiling. In the first box you’ll find two chests:
one with red orbs and one with the Urn of Prometheus.  Go and enter
through the other hole. Fall down on the platform with the chain and
jump to the wall. Move for the small volcano and attacks the two
stalactites to drop them in it. Go back to the savepoint and jump over
the volcano with wings outstretched to reach, thanks to the vapors,
forward. Jump to the platform until you reach one with a crowbar.

Kill the enemies and turn the lever to raise
the platform. Jump from platform to platform and down the chain to some
chests and a savepoint.



Go up the wall and go forward. Destroy the
rocks that bother being careful not to fall on you. Now jump to the
hook with R1 and progresses to hook up with the wall. Jump to the
platform and moves until you see two rocks. Take one and put it in down
the ramp on the left, on top, but down. Take the other and upload via
the ramp to mount on another rock. Now drag it to the right and you can
use to climb up the wall and reach a chest with red orbs.

Back to Montarto in the rock and stay on the
right, climb the wall and starts to climb you dodge falling rocks. It’s
simple: you jump up and then the other side, so all the time, zigzag.
Remember that to drop quickly, leaving you holding the R1 button.
Destroy the chains and talks with Atlas. Make him a demonstration of your force using your new power: the earthquake of Atlas.


Avanza and save your game. Jump to the
platforms until you hooks to the side of one of them. Jump to the
column if you jump back and get back one more red orbs. Back to the
green box, make sure to replenish your life and plans to the other

To the right of the ramp is a lever. Please
change it and get ready for a good fight. Remember the strategy: Focus
on killing the "riders" taking them all the time with circle. If
mounted on the Cyclops, unmount it and kill them. When you’ve killed
everyone, go for the Cyclops. Do not bother much with the monster
throwing projectiles. I give him his due at the end.

Once you’ve killed them all, tour the base of
the building until you leave the door open. Collect the boxes and
enter. Before activating the lever, grab the chests on the right, which
will come in handy. Now we enable the lever.

You will see that, by section, on the floor
come out skewers. They are easy to avoid: just before leaving and are
harmful, will leave only the toes, so you should have time to react. Go
kill the enemies you out while you can spend slope to the giant rock is
to the northeast. Just when you enter, go in and take it out to
activate the mechanism. Kill the enemies and collect all the treasures
and the handle of the corpse. Go out the door.

Go to the left, take the chests and go out to a
patio. Go up the stairs from the bottom to the right and use the handle
that you took in the previous room. Turn the lever and when you turned
the whole time to slow down the plan to where they were before the
torches. On the right is a chest with a phoenix feather. Enter through
the front door and moves on to a savepoint.
Advances on the right and go to the bottom to activate a lever. Back
where the soil was steam and uses its wings to plan until you have
opened the door. You have to do it quickly, as the door closes. Kill
the enemies and open the door.



Destroys the scaffolding on the left and drag
the boulder to the translator to make weight in place. Now take the
translator there and take it to where it was the book. The issue is you
have to be protected from all monsters. For your sake, you better
already have the highest level Sheets Athena, as the L1 + Triangle
attack is very powerful. When you reach the altar, take care first of
the priests. Do not leave the translator or be killed.

After clearance of all, have the translator
read. Go out the door on the left and returns to the courtyard to open
the door of the sheep. Advance and you’ll see two walls of spikes that
are near to crush. Kill as fast as possible to the handful of enemies
who will go on and on. It is therefore good to use the Atlas tremor
when many enemies, the Fury of Cronos when some less, of attacks,
always use L1 + Square.

Go on and take the red orbs from the bottom.
After climbing the stairs to the right and come to a room with statues
of gods. To the left you will find a couple of chests. You may want to
destroy the statue of Athena, but it is hard. Then, destroy the wall to
the left of Mars and enters.


Use the wings to pass through the gate and get on a ledge. Go along the
wall. You will see that it is divided by "sales". In the second and up
the stairs to get a good amount of red orbs. Then hop back on the ledge
and continue right to a savepoint.

Climb down the chain, though it will break. Go to the door and press
R1. Now you have to burn three little mermaids to open the door. You
have to burn them, not worth killing anyway. To do this, it is best to
leave them with the circle on top and then activate the lever to burn,
although any method that comes to mind is good.

Log in and down the hole. Dive with care not to
prick until you reach the other side. Wave "to you" to find two chests
with red orbs. Then, go forward.

This puzzle is fairly easy although it may seem
complex at first. First enable the bird to pitch fire (R1 in the back
of the bird). It melts a layer of ice behind which is a kind of mirror.
Now go up to the roof by climbing a wall and destroys all small ice
cubes that are hanging. Go now to the three levers and aligns the
symbols so that the copper mirror is right in front of the bird.

Now take the other mirror, the icing, and take
it to the right, so that one ray of light bouncing on it, then rebound
at the other end mirror and thawing the bird. Now you can go by turning
the bird and go all the ice melting to get chests and continue.
Advanced to a room with a lever. First you have to destroy the three
nests of big birds: one below and two above. When you’re done and
you’ve killed the birds, turn the lever and get hooked with R1 to hook
you have downloaded.

I attacked two major Cerberos that will spit
smaller ones. As in the first God of War, if you let the boys live,
will be large and the fight will never end, so you have to attack all
at once, with priority to small. Kill the small and focus on only one
of the greats. The Trembling of Atlas and L1 + triangle will be very
useful. When finished, go up the stairs and save your game.

Plan right and open all chests. Throw yourself into the "room" of the
way and open the other two red chests. Now go to the right wall, jump
from there to the left, and returns to the savepoint. Open the door and
down the stairs. Destroy the vases in front of the statue there and
gets dragged forward.

You will see that the translator was suicidal,
and that activates the lever and place the statue under the door. Go to
the "portal" on the left, so you can go back in time. Nothing more
appearing, time slows down and runs to the translator before killing
himself. You know what to do with it.
Go out the right door. Turn the handle and use your wings to reach the
lever up. Please change it, back down, turn the handle and re-use their
wings to get hooked to the ceiling now. Grab the red chest, breaking
the column and continues until a room with a lever in the middle.
Rotate it until you get down and plans to reach the courtyard.

Kill the enemies (four of the greatest trolls)
and enters the door of the Head of a Warrior. Recharge your bar and
save the game.

The Phoenix and the Kraken

Entrance to the Underworld

This part is pretty unsettling, so be patient.
Go up the chain, but the skeletons in the ground attack and you begin
to clog the channels so you cannot lose. If we add the roof, full of
thorns, descends more and more … It is best to have the tremor and
Atlas to the maximum level and use every time you attack the skeletons,
using the support of the circle. When you get down, open the door as
fast as possible and salt.

Grab the chests and grab the rope. Scroll down
until the break archers, so I go up and kill them. Beware of the
jellyfish as you can really cane. Go to the wall and root for her to
reach the other side. Grab the chests and shoot the symbol in front to
obtain secret. Use the steam to rise and now planning to go through the
vapors, avoiding the spikes. When you reach the final plans to the
right to get red orbs. Now go back and continue.


Read the book and save your game. To the left
of the savepoint are some steps you can get to planning, where there is
a red chest. Go to the left and kill the enemies. Activate the lever
and run to destroy the wall that is in the top left corner. Once you
do, run back to the lever. Kill the enemies and activate the lever
again. Go slow time to catch the coffers and the Pledge of Boreas.
Once you’ve taken everything back down the spikes, time slows down and
runs to the center lever. You have to rotate so that you open the rear
door on the right, but you’ll not give you time. The question is not
turn the lever fully, but the bare minimum to give you time to cross
the door. That is, low skewers, slows time, you just turn the lever,
slow time again and go through the door.

After crossing over, you’ll see a wall of the
falling lava. To the left, jump to hook up and jump to the left. Low
and open three chests with red orbs. Upload and continue until you see
a green and a blue box. Destroy the statue of the right and take the

If you advance, you’ll notice a barrage of
fire, so you need to move the statue to protect you. Also enemies to
attack you, at which time the fire will be pushing back the statue, so
you have to go leaving her standing in the projections that are in the
ground. When you reach the lever, turn it to lower the ceiling. Finish
with the remaining enemies and put the statue on the seal on the left.
Where there is fire, go to the right, Punch it, jump and use R1 to get
to the ashes.

Push cuticles and place in the center. Kill the
enemies and pull the switch to sink the ashes. After the animation, use
the vapors to climb the spiral stairs up. When you get up, find left
and right chests. Now activate the lever and up. Open the door with the
Pledge of Boreas and enters.
Before climbing up the chain, grab the chest on the left. Now go up and
go to the savepoint. Grab the chests and head and touch the horn to
free the phoenix. Ebbs and flows across the circles where the statues
were the phoenix has been pulled. Open the door and activate the lever.
Go up the wall you’ve uploaded and destroys the two chains. Grab the
chest and pulls the column. Go back down the wall and drop the column
so that when you get up the wall, clogging. Ups and downs, rising to
the pillar and destroy the chain to leave.

Now turn the lever on the left, grab the chest
and enters right. Turn the lever until you can get ahead. Now, it is
the mysterious warrior until you can use circle with him. After the
sequence, you’ll see that you cannot do anything against the Kraken.
Appears another sequence. Summons the Fury of the Titans to save you.

At first, you have to attack the tentacle right (your left). Since its
tentacles are very long, it is best to do short attacks and run away.
When you see him up, revealing a button on the floor, go for your
soldier dead and put it on the button. Now the hatch opens center,
expelling fumes to help you "fly". Now you have to plan up his head and
attack (the best is L1 + square).
Eventually they will attack furiously, with such bad luck that he be
hooked the tentacle into the ground. Climbs he attacks the joint to
break it and then cut it with circle.  Back to do the same attack it
the tentacle to your left and when they lift, reposition the body. Back
to plan up his head and attack him until you attack with the left
tentacle and was stuck.
At this time, Go left at all and do a double jump to hook up with him.
Once hooked (like when you engage the ceiling), go back towards the
tip, tear it up and cut the tentacles in a circle. Now you no choice
but to go to his left and attack tentacles until it is falling. Go
quickly to the rights and attack them. When you are falling on both
sides, quickly press the lever and you’re done with it.
Now go to the phoenix, grab the two chests and press circle to make the phoenix and Montarto sequence in it.

The sisters of fate, Lachesis, Atropos and Clotho


Go swimming to the savepoint. Get off the head
and use R1 to reach the platform above. Destroy the shiny object and
now have to do the following puzzle: first you have to manually
activate the bell on the right, slow time and go where the bright
object was to activate the bell left. You have to do everything fast,
since you have just enough time for the two bells ringing at once.
Now go down to the water. Turn the lever to the right, so that it fits
the hole is under water. Immerse yourself and activate the lever. Now,
with the lever that turned up, turn to the "ram" look to the face and
can break and pass. Before doing this, you should turn the striker to
the southwest so you can get the chests in there.

When you picked up three red chests, enters through the hole you opened
in the head, grab the two red chests on the side and continues forward.
Open the door and enter the …

THRONE OF Lachesis

Plan towards the center and get ready for a good fight:


Soon you will see that their attacks are
physical with his weapon (about three rush, stay away or wheel to
prevent it), you magic spear (rolling or the Golden Fleece, and
sometimes get green and blue orbs), and two sets of three rays of

In principle, attack it with all the magic you
have (the tremor Atlas Typhon Bane or maximum level is good) while
dodging their attacks or refract. When you’re not magic, attack with
short attacks with the Blades of Athena, so you can roll easily. Not a
good idea now use the Rage of the Titans, it will be needed later.
There will come a time when it will begin to levitate, so the
earthquake of Atlas will not be effective. Furthermore, "electrify" the
ground, so you have to go and jumping into the four hooks out there.

Now you can attack in several ways: by jumping
off the hooks to her and attack her as much as you (very risky and
ineffective) or jump from one hook to another while avoiding his
attacks and wait for the soil. Once the soil is normal, low and shoot
with your bow. When you’re out of magic, use the Golden Fleece to bring
back their attacks. When he falls to the ground, also takes to make a
Finally, we will circle up and get hooked on one of the hooks and jump towards it to press circle.



This part is pretty easy. Shoot him with your
bow to Atropos. The enemies you come upon the sword are just to give
you blue orbs to keep killing them and shooting at Atropos. Finally,
support will be tired in the sword, so press Circle and make the
sequence of buttons.

THRONE OF Lachesis

Lachesis, and Atropos

Now you must fight against these two sisters
together. Lachesis is behaving the same way as before, so you know how
to act. Atropos will appear for any of the three mirrors and by casting
rays can refract and return them with the fleece.

This is the time to use the Rage of the Titans.
Lachesis attacks (which is hovering, the first) all the time until they
weaken and fall to the ground. Now use the Amulet of the Fates to slow
time and go to attack Atropos. For this is good idea to use the hammer
(triangle + triangle). Attack him all the time and although she hits
the ground, continues to attack the glass until it breaks. Do the same
again until only the middle mirror.

Lachesis will face in the mirror of the way and
easily circumvent ray release. Attack him with your bow until you drop
and leave the circle. Come here, press Circle and pay attention to the
sequence of buttons to end Lachesis and Atropos. After doing so,
destroy the mirror finish.
Enter through the mirror, grab the two red chests in the water and save the game.


Go on and climb the column. Hang from the
ceiling and go up the other end. How can you get the four red boxes on
the side? From the Center site, where you go after, jump and plans to
each of the sides. Take the four boxes and continue.

Continue to the end, break the right wall and
get ready for an intense battle. You have to get to the far right as
you kill all the enemies you come across. A good way to survive and
benefit from the walls is going on and off to divide the enemy and
fight them in smaller quantities at a time. The Trembling of Atlas will
be your best ally at this time. Use it mostly with big monsters.
Finally, when you reach the end, it attacks the hands of the door to
open the two mechanisms, grab the chests, save your game and enter the


Here’s the last of the Fates, parkas or sisters of fate: Clotho. Dodge
the two axes and move up the ladders on the left, but not the last
step, but a little earlier. Here hand attack (L1 + triangle should
suffice) and runs to turn the lever. Hand strikes again in the same way
and jump into what you have opened. From here, double jump to get
hooked to the ceiling and go up the other side. When you take Clotho,
give him a lesson and destroy the two skeletons that are in the other
gate. Now go down, turn the handle and goes up as you did before to
climb the rope to the second floor.
Notice that there is a lever on the floor where you can reach easily.
Please change it and see that it opens a hole in the ground. Now, it’s
hand (with the bow is a good idea) that is above the hole and, when
landing, close it. You’ll spare your first hand.

Go up the chain to the right and activate the
lever to drop a spike on the other hand, if you leave before the
"stupid". Already have crippled its second hand.
Now take the artifact that is the edge and flip it until you put it
under some "hands", along with a hook. Once there, step on the engine
so that the hook hands. Now attack Clotho’s hand, put the device with
his hand and re-attack to disable your third hand.

Now you can get on the third floor. If you’re in poor health, recalls
that there are boxes downstairs, if not already fucked before.

Once on the third floor, the strategy to follow
is to slow time and attack his arms to leave them stunned. Remember
that you always act with time slowed down and his arms useless. Once
you have caught the mechanics, he climbs right and destroys the bodies
that impede the rail. Now turn the track until one of the two levers is
right in the center. Activate the lever to get a knife. Turn the knife
and, after pointing Clotho, push. Make the sequence of buttons and
you’re done.
Enter through the doors, up the elevator and go for water. Crosses below the bars and reaches the savepoint.


Activate the lever and back where it was
Clotho. Now you have to move the fifth counting from the right thread.
When you are finished moving, slows time and again by the mirror to get
by him.



In this first moment, just dedicate yourself to
attack the "sirens". The Trembling of Atlas will be of great help. When
the circle appears above them, get close to them and hit it, thus
weakening Zeus will go by the blast. Eventually Zeus and support weaken
his hand in a circle, so come closer and "strike the sword.

Now set equal battle. Refracted rays that you
launch and, above all, always stay as far from him as possible, as
their physical attacks are really tough. Use your bow or shaking of
Atlas to weaken until you snatch the sword. Keep attacking. Now his
attacks are slow and predictable, so take to attack him. Finally, the
circle again, so I squeeze it and begins to circle repeatedly to pull
back to take his sword. Run to the column and shining above.



Repeat again until you throw the stone on top.
Will again be great and electrify the floor. Press circle repeatedly to
resist and get ready to press a button at the right time to tell you
the game, just after Zeus take the sword. Then do the button sequence

Cheats, Hints & Tips

  • Difficulty Titan  : Finish the game (regardless of difficulty).
  • Arena of Doom  : Get level in Titan mode challenges the Titans.
  • Unlock
    the High Definition Display : Do the following before handling the logo
    Sony appears on the screen: L1, L2, L3, Circle + Square.
  • Unlock the Arena of Fates : Get the rank of Titan in Challenge of the Titans.
  • Unlock Challenge of the Titans  :  Finish the game under any difficulty level.
  • Unlock new videos : History Format: Finish the game under any difficulty level.
  • High Resolution :  Finish the game under any difficulty level.
  • Unlocking Titan Difficulty : Finish the game under any difficulty level.

Unlock new costumes :

  • Divine Armor : Get the rank of God during the Challenge of the Titans.
  • Hydra Armor :  Complete the game under any difficulty level.
  • Athena :  Complete the game in Titan Mode.
  • Cod of War :  Finish the game under any difficulty level.
  • Dark Odyssey :  Complete the game on God Mode.
  • General Kratos :  get ground 20 Cyclops Eyes. Killing them with a motion sensitive (circle)
  • Armor of God :  God ends in the championship ranking
  • Suit God of War :  Complete the game on any difficulty
  • Hercules : Complete the game on Titan mode Armor
  • Hydra : Complete the game on any difficulty


  1. Urn of Gaia : Multiply by 10 the value of each orb you collect.
  2. Urn of Gorgons : Convict your enemies into stone.
  3. Urn of Olympus : Infinite magical power.
  4. Urn of Prometheus : Clash of the Titans infinite.
  5. Urn of Fates  :  Increases your ability to make long combos.
  6. Urn of Poseidon : Access to Poseidon’s Rage magic of the first GOW. 
  7. Challenges
    of the Titans :  With all the techniques learned in the adventure, now
    have to face 7 challenges of fast-paced fight.
  8. Arena of the Fates : Area of practice where only the best access., Need to challenge the degree titan of titans.
  9. Game Movies :  It covers all video game scenes in both high resolution and in their original order.
  10. Titan
    mode :  Only for the more advanced and skilled,. Complete the adventure
    at any level and you can replay again at this supreme difficulty mode.
  11. Before
    engaging a second time, when scale wooden wall, go to the left and let
    yourself fall. There will be a chest, open it and get more orbs.
  12. Love Of Hydra : You must finish the game on any difficulty.
  13. High Definition Mode  : You must enter L1, L2, L3, Circle and Square at a time.
  14. Use
    this advice to avoid damage when engaged in the battle of the gardens
    outside! Arriving at the scene with the Fate Statue and behead in the
    spectra of several outdoor gardens and bats will attack.
  15. If
    you have been attacked while escaping, heal with the chest on the other
    side. If you do not want to continue fighting the enemies, leave them
    behind. If you still want blood and gore, refilling "the door. De la
    Cruz in the actual room gardens and is free game, so keep in mind.
    JOINING powerful short-range and most enemy attacks will not get any
    results through you.


Few innovative finally, God of War II is
somehow more brutal, more gore than the first. Just the same way that
Gears of War, the title leads the player into a maelstrom of non-stop
action from beginning to end, enhanced by a realization of thunder
which demonstrates that the PlayStation 2 is not yet prepared for
burial as promised. The purists criticize ancient Greece probably the
work of Sony to be less scripted than the previous opus, preferring the
barbaric acts to replicas and other major tournaments heel. Once
completed the main quest, aficionados will always attack modes bonus
puzzle molar spin things. Confirmation composted, license myth is
actually born. The word is finally released.

The Positive Points :

  1. Stunning cinematic
  2. Longer than the first
  3. Puzzles sharp
  4. A melodious BO
  5. A sublime achievement
  6. Violence and non-stop action
  7. The dynamic QTY
  8. Many bosses .

The Negative Points :

  1. Sometimes lack of charisma
  2. Scenario nonexistent
  3. The fighting at times linear
  4. When is the lock?
  5. A questionable choice of camera


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