Adding Fire Effect to the Text – Photoshop Tutorial

Adding Fire Effect Text:

In this tutorial  we are going to learn How to make a fire text effect with photoshop.

First to say, we are going to make the following image:

As you can see in above image, Fire effect is added in the text "TechArena" , it willbecome simple for you after learning this simple tutorial.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS2

So lets start !

Select a new document. Fill it with black.

Set your type colour white, then type your text by using type tool.

Go to Image -> Rotate Canvas -> 90° CCW.

Go to Filter -> Stylize -> Wind,  Keep the default settings, and repeat it multiple times , say 2 or 3 times by using Ctrl+F depending on what size it’s on.

Then agein go to Image -> Rotate Canvas -> 90°CW. It looks verry sharp.

Now go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur,I chose 2px.


Go to Layers -> Flatten Layers. Now you need to apply fire colours.

Go to Image -> Adjust -> Hue/Saturation (Ctrl+U). Check the ‘colorize’on the box.

Set the saturation to 100, and hue slider to whatever colour you want. For Orange, I set it to 30.

If you use your imagination,it looks like fire…But work is not completed yet.

Make Duplicate this layer. Then go back into the Hue/Saturation window.


This time, we’re going to choose the outer flame colour. Once again, check ‘colorize

Set the saturation to 100, and the hue to whatever you want. For Red, I chose 0.


Then set the layer mode to ‘Color Dodge. Ok, it’s starting to look like fire, But verry sharp.


Agein go to Layer -> Flatten Layers.

Then, select your Smudge Tool. Take any soft round brush.

Now use the Smudge tool on the fire starting with the coloured part, make it in your way  up to mimic the way fire rises. When your statisfied with it, just select  smaller brush and more pressure. Now drag the white part up too.

Make Rasterize your text, Then Ctrl+Click on the Type layer to make a selection.


Now first select Brush Tool and Press D for default colour and  X to reset colors. Set opacity to 50%, Brush a white highlight on the bottom of the text,  to give it look of being consumed by the fire.

And you have successfully added fire effect to your text.




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