How to connect SteelSeries USB Headphone to PlayStation 3

How to connect SteelSeries USB Headphone to PlayStation 3

SteelSeries Headphone comes with USB interface and there are chances of connecting this to PlayStation 3. The only thing that might create a clash is compatibility. There are certain difference in standard used by the headset usb and PS3 usb. In order to avoid that the headset comes with a USB adapter or USB Sound Card. This adapter has two port below with microUSB connection at the other side. The Green is for Headphone and Pink for Mic. So with the help of this usb card you can use the headphone on those system which has usb interface. Check the below image.

SteelSeries Headphone USB Sound Card : The USB Sound Card is a additional port provided with the headset to meet the standards of different usb connectivity. With MicroUSB connection on the end you can use cable to attach it with the PS3 with limited features only.

Remember that the headphone is not compatible with PS3. There are certain features which will not work. I found some ways here by which still you can use this headset on PS3. First thing if you are connected, you might not hear sound on the headphone. Because you can only get the sound from TV output if a PS3 is connected to it. You   have to connect the headset to TV out ports.

  • First to use Microphone of Headset only connect the Headset to USB Sound Card. And then attach the USB to PS3 port.
  • Second to use the headset only for sound not for mic. For that you have to connect the Green Connector which is the default sound output connection for all headphone and speaker, insert that in TV Headphone Jack. There are green color sound out connectors on some monitors also. Or simply insert it in a RCA Splitter. RCA Splitters are small two port jack easily found anywhere.
  • To use both you have to make a bit different settings. First fix th Red connector to USB Sound Card and Green one to the Monitor or TV Headphone Jack. Here you are using two connectors on two different devices.



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